Well Rounded PC


My 4790K is still running great but I have a crap GPU (560 1GB) and am looking to move up to more modern standards especially in the rendering department. Work will mostly consist of VM testing, video editing and lighter CAD items. On the gaming side just to make sure that 1440p gaming is possible for current titles. I am looking to get a whole new system but first items on the list are a new GPU, Monitor and SSDs (Bring up C drive to 500+ GB, 500GB rendering/storage drive and replace 1TB HDD). After which I will hit MOBO, CPU, RAM and last stage is to get all remaining parts. Am willing to jump into AMD and would prefer color accuracy on the monitor rather than fast responce rates.

Any advise would be awesome and a quick note that I am looking to build this guy over the entire year so there is time for Amazon Prime Days and Black Friday.