Welcome to Valhalla (Folk Metal Thread)

Skål fellow warriors! Welcome to Valhalla!

I’ve made this thread to have a more centralized location to post folk metal music for everybody to enjoy. I’m going to make the posts about each band with a little more information than just a link to a YouTube video so people can get a better idea of what each band offers before they listen. I’m going to list my favorite bands here at the top and then make a few posts with different bands.

My Favorites:

Ensiferum (“sword bearing” or “sword bearer”):

I would consider this band to be one of top folk metal bands out there. They belong in any folk metal playlist you create. The metal archives literally classifies them as Epic Folk Metal.

Eluveitie (“The Helvetian”):

This band is great, they have more traditional folk elements and alternative instrumentation that mixes in really well with the beauty and the beast style of clean singing and death growls. Easily one of the top folk metal bands.

Korpiklaani: (“Clan of the Wilderness”)

This band floats more on the traditional folk side of folk metal, I’m certain they started as a folk band before moving to folk metal. The lyrics are mostly in Finnish but they do have many English versions as well. Very fun band to drink to.


This band lives more on the power metal or symphonic metal side of things. There music is almost exclusively in German death growls, but it maintains an epic, power metal like feel.

Atlas Pain:

Another folk metal band with a lot of power metal/ melodic death metal influences. Very fun band to listen to but can also keep things on the more brutal side.


Here is your more traditional heavy metal with norse/ folk themes. Fun to listen to and easy to sing along with.


Starting us off with some Moonsorrow, these guys kick ass. They started out as a straight black metal band and eventually took on more folk metal influences.


This is a Russian folk metal band, great folk metal with a mix of vocal styles.


Look no further fans of death metal, this fucking band kicks ass, folk metal with strong death metal influences.

Dark Oath

Folk metal that is heavily symphonic with melodic death metal mixed in.


Fucking amazing folk metal that I hope release more music in the future.




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Some of the finest folk metal Norway has to offer, kicks ass.


One of my personal favorites, they don’t take themselves too seriously, music that goes best with a strong beer.


More on the traditional heavy metal side of things, few songs in English but mostly German.

King of Asgard

Honestly more melodic death metal with folk metal like themes and lyrics but I couldn’t not mention them.


Slav folk/ death metal, gotta love it.


Probably the only folk metal band from Spain in this thread. Sounds like these guys should have done the music for the Witcher 3.


One word: bagpipes


These guys sound a lot like old school Amon Amarth

#Falls of Rauros

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Saor is one of my favorites.

Also, we need to get some native vibes going here. I love Nechochwen. They remind me a bit of Fall of Rauros, but natives americans from WV:

Nechochwen are more groovy than I was expecting, looked like more blackish folk metal from the cover. I like it.

New Ensiferum!