Was about to buy GTX 1660 Ti, then RX 5700 happened

Okay so, my current GTX 650 Ti got long in the tooth, its almost a decade old which is way overdue. Which means, even some sweet indies that dont fully utilize a GPU’s full potential, have some nuisances because this obsolete graphics card. I was almost satisfied with it when I bought it, it was pretty entry level at its time, but some games back then we’re playable

Before, I start explaining my concerns I will give you an Idea what kind of person I am when it Comes to video games. Currently my two main focuses to break-out from reality is Warframe, which gets sweeter every upcoming update (and more stressing for your rig) and Killing Floor 2 that runs on UE which is fairly PC optimized.

Then, I’m more into scavenging older video games for a fairly low price, from user key markets, from Steam or GOG or get goodies from humblebundle. Games that either are Indies or past AAA titles from 2010-present.

I play on 1080p resolution at 60 FPS. Or at least try to reach 60 frames per second on average by tweaking the ingame settings which varies per game, I haven’t really tried 1440p and true 4k to be honest, so I can’t really know the experience and perhaps I miss out the best of it, however im really happy with 1080p as a resolution in which my eyes are pretty used to it. Also to mention I really enjoy using Steam link on my Xiaomi Mi Box S, I experience absolutely no issues with it and it forces 1080i anyways to my good old Sony Bravia.

So I think it will definitely stay with 1080p since I’m very happy with it, perhaps later I will invest in a 144Hz monitor later which will also may be 1080p.

Okay then 1080p, Old Games, Modded Skyrim / Fallout New Vegas, whatever. What’s the case?
Two Issues, the release of RX 5700, and the difference with European and US market which I get the most information from.

My budget is aimed at 300-350 Euros Maximum, however I prefer less than 300 euros spent.
My initial choice was to get an RX 590 Nitro+, you can find it as low as 230 EUR, then as much as I would like to steer away from NVIDIA because of their disgusting behavior in the past and present, I hate to admit that GTX 1660 Ti is far better option and offers superior performance, and I found one that suits my needs which starts at 280 Euros.

Initially, I was planning to go with either 1050Ti or 1060, or chose from RX 570 - RX 580 they’re pretty old, affordable cards and considered good for 1080p, but then again today’s the GPU market is extremely hostile with the releases of RTX series, Vega 56/64, Radeon VII, RTX Super, and now the RX 5700/XT.

Perhaps its only me that’s overwhelmed, but thats because I dont really seek the bleeding edge, latest tech and prefer to snag 'em at good prices once they cooled down from the oven. At least later than 3 months after the initial release.

Problem is, as I researched, RX 5700 is superior product compared to GTX 1660 Ti and the cost per frame is cheaper only that the reference model is currently available and in europe it costs more than 400 euros (compared to $350 on US) and it has availability issues. This is bulls####.

I’m exhausted, overwhelmed and I believe my only option is GTX 1660 Ti, but I want to hear your thoughts, Maybe should I wait some more, Even if I ran out of patience? I don’t like nvidia as a company, but AMD ain’t saints either. Both of them want to make money, they’re companies, but my two concerns is not to get locked up to their eco-systems and get the best bang for your buck from my hard earned money.

okay im kind of stupid, looks like RX 5700 and RTX super havent released yet… sorry about that.