Waiting for switch to arrive, help me get HYPED!

My nintendo switch should be arriving within the next week and I’m beyond excited! What are you loving and hating from the switch?

Side note I might get a skin for it (i know the damage) and plan on leaving it on as long as i can!

What is the retail price of the Nintendo Switch in the US?

I’ve heard getting a skin is not a good idea because of the plastic they used for the switch. Getting a case would be better. Also HYPE! I’ve trashed talked the system since launch but I will admit Zelda looks fantastic and I’m sure you’ll have fun with it. Grab yourself a nice power bank as well.

The retail pricing is $300 for both of the options on the consoles. Though some people like to add in a Pro Controller as the Joy Cons are not everyone’s preference.

Side note I heard you can use a keyboard on the Switch, anyone who owns one is this true???

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I haven’t heard of anyone using a keyboard lol and with the skins I’m not worried because I wouldn’t be taking them off.

Thanks for the price Matt :smiley_cat:

The Switch feels very NON Nintendo, and I mean that in a good way. Simple UI, CLEAN UI, fast and responsive. Yet, there are little easter eggs and things that only Nintendo would do. Eshop is obviously limited right now, but a new Blaster Master was added, I’m pleased. Downloads have been quick, no bugs I’ve noticed. I have small hands, I think the Joycons are pretty comfy, the pro controller is where its at though. While it sucks to have a smaller launch line up, they have games coming out throughout the year which is great. (Unlike the typical console launch which has good launch and nothing for 8 months, or the Wii U that never took off. )

Im liking it alot so far.

While I don’t think its wide spread as much as its claimed hope this doesn’t happen to you.

Also watch out for that dock, it plays rough with the plastic screen

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I have heard of people using keyboards with the Switch hooked up through the dock, I was just curious if this is just for the System UI or if you could actually use a keyboard lol.

Will be interesting to see how you like it, some pretty mixed feelings about it out there