VR with Unreal Engine 4 Thesis Suggestions

I am currently doing thesis research in the realm of VR and design in terms of virtual reality from a designers/construction stand point.

I am to use the unreal engine with a VR system to do the designing. I have seen videos where this is possible and was wondering if anyone has had any experience in this realm or suggestions for me in this realm. I know this is not necessarily a new thesis however I am taking a different approach as a designers stand point to the use and implementation to the design process and transference into digital fabrication construction. This is all in the early stages but I figured this would be a great place to get the perspective of the more gaming oriented side as I am using a gaming engine as a medium.

My current system is a x99 8350k, 16 gb ram, 500gb ssd boot, 1tb storage for functional files, 4 gb mass storage file, and a 980ti strix.

Do you think this system would be powerful enough to drive the vr as well as unreal engine at the same time? I have zero experience in the use of Unreal Engine however I have a lot of experience on 3d modeling software so the only thing I am worried about is the graphics card.