Vocals similar to Anita Auglend (The Sins of Thy Beloved)?

One of the reasons why I love Gothic Metal is the ability to completely entrance me - and The Sins of Thy Beloved is my favorite. The track, " Until the Dark" is a siren’s song, and I think Anita’s style is the defining feature - her voice is soft, unassuming; she doesn’t vie for your attention, but if you let it, her singing will whisk you away to a place where nothing matters.

Not any singer can do this - I’ve listened to some very talented vocalist (Sarah Brightman, Tarja Tuneren, Dianne Van Giersbergen, etc.), but none of them have been able to lull me away.


Another notable example is Liv Kristine from her tenure with Theatre of Tragedy, particularly the album Aegis. The appropriately titled “Siren” is a great example.

So, does anyone have suggestions for something similar? What do you listen to to be lulled away?

Lumsk comes to mind:

If you like the mood of that music you linked you should try Lacrimosa. It’s not exactly the same vocally, but there are female and male vocals.

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