USB Ports failure

Do the front ports work?

I know this sounds obvious, but have you reinstalled the drivers? I’d start with the chipset.

There’s more advanced stuff to try, but let’s cover this first.

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Just flushed out my loop and rebooted with some fresh liquid and my USB ports are not working. The top two ports work with keyboard and mouse only. My DAC, the USB hub on my monitor are non responsive. Have tried the usual uninstall in the device manager and multiple reboots in safe mod etc

(was thinking fresh windows 10 install would be my only option before throwing this mobo out) Primochill Vue =]

Thanks in advance

The front ports do not work. When I plug my phone in it bleeps one to show its charging but doesnt actually charge. My Fiio e10k show the blue light, but again not showing in the devices or audio outputs

I have tried the chipset drivers. If it makes any difference, the only two ports the keyboard and mouse work on are the top two. No other devices work on those ports though.
The mouse im using is Fenek swift and the keyboard is a generic Dell. My Ducky Shine 5 does not respond.

Also another side note; The keyboard and mouse work during post and if I got to the UEFI. But for nearly a minute they dont work/light up on the windows login screen. Made a short recording illustrating this

EDIT: I have just tried another hard drive that had a fresh install of windows 10. Throws up the same issue. Now to figure out if its power/PSU related or Motherboard i guess???

Could attempt a clear CMOS and also a bios update. See if that does anything.

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The thing that confuses me is, that no other devices work in those ports,except mouse and keyboard.

It really sounds like the motherboard to me. Did you try BoxKid’s idea of upgrading the bios?

Also, have you right clicked on the UBS in device manager and selected uninstall device?

Well… any water get on the board?

Yeah updated bios and uninstalled devices

I was pretty careful. Did a full leak test with just the pump. There was nothing on the board