USB drives crashing Explorer and other USB peripherals

A weird thing started happening about a month ago with some of my USB (3.0) external HDD’s. This started occurring after updating my mobo’s BIOS after missing a couple updates (Asus X99 Deluxe) and just tonight I updated to the most recent BIOS (3505). I have reinstalled the USB drivers (a couple times) as well. I’ve also disabled USB Selective Suspend in the power options. I noticed there’s a new section in the BIOS for USB handoffs, right now they’re at default settings, but if anyone has recommended USB settings for an X99 Deluxe, it would be greatly appreciated.

If I plug a drive in, it will show up in Explorer, but then as soon as I start opening folders with lots of files, my keyboard and mouse (both connected via USB2.0 ports) will cut out (LED’s turn off, computer doesn’t recognize them) and my USB mixer will cut out as well, as if the USB driver has crashed. This is occurring on two different USB3.0 HDD’s and a USB3.0 flash drive. Doesn’t matter if it’s front or rear USB ports, still same results. If I copy or open folders with smaller files on the ‘problem’ drives, it tends to be fine; it’s when I open folders with a bunch of stuff (my music or movies folders, for example) or try to copy multiple files that it crashes. It’s almost like it’s exceeding a bandwidth limitation and then just crashing the driver.

I’ve done a little Googling, and I’ve found some similar issues on various forums; most of it comes down to ‘Windows is stupid’ and something to do with indexing files. I can’t uncheck the ‘Index files on this drive’ option because when it starts to un-index, the drive crashes. I’ve used all of the drives on my other two laptops perfectly fine, so I know they are healthy drives. Is it just time to reinstall Windows? I’ll try to get some pics of the BIOS screen I’m talking about for reference, and I’ll try to record a video of the issue in action as well.

Here’s a short video of what happens when I plug in a drive and try to open folders or copy things. When the mouse cursor disappears, that’s when the driver crashes, and the keyboard, mouse and mixer all cut out (they do come back after a few seconds).

Seeing you’ve got a lot of software installed and i personally hate reinstalling a “very” old System that has grown over time: If you have a spare SSD or HDD lying around, you could do a clean install and try it there.

I had some issues with this kind of stuff as well, but most of the time it boiled down to the USB-Drive. I had a Corsair USB 3.0 Flashdrive, that kept crashing the Explorer and then wasn’t detected - turned out the Drive was bad.

Also, AFAIK on Intel boards, you can’t have eHCI- and xHCI-Handoff both turned to enabled, since it will cause some weird stuff. Without xHCI you wouldn’t have any USB 3.0, so i recommend you look through the settings and turn off eHCI if it isn’t. (You can also try turning off Legacy USB Support)

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