US Election Results (Who Will Occupy The Oval Office?)

As an Aussie observing American politics from afar, it will be interesting to see who eventually takes a seat in the White House (and how that impacts us in Australia)

I gather the vote-count has already commenced in earnest.

Whatever the outcome, and whoever is elected, the future president’s decision-making capabilities, and policy-concepts will affect many of us in the global-sense.

Will this new president initiate draconian measures in relation to digital-communications?

As an American, I hope the next president doesn’t cause things to get worse. I’m a third party guy. So in the eyes of most of my country, I’m wasting my vote, and I don’t really count.

But hey. Nothing new I guess.


I’m only an outsider, but neither Hillary or Donald seem to inspire confidence (especially at the global-level of foreign policy-making)

I know here in Australia many have lost faith in our politicians, and are opting for parties outside the political mainstream, too.

I’m not sure how much about American politics you know, but the system is absurd. Any party who are NOT Democrats or Republicans, have an insane uphill battle to get into a live debate. The committee in charge of the live national debates are controlled by the Democrats and Republicans. They can set the rules. Any time they feel threatened by a third party, they can just change the rules. I like Gary Johnson, who is running under the Libertarian party. TL:DR, he is for smaller government, ending wars, the war on drugs, only fighting when you HAVE too, simpler tax code, free markets. He’s pretty down to earth, honest, all that. If he makes a mistake, he acknowledges. He doesn’t have the ego of Trump, or the shadiness of Clinton.

However, as a Third party, he gets no luck. The media NEVER talks about him, unless it’s something negative. He isn’t perfect, no candidate is. He gets painted as an idiot, when Trump and Clinton get passes. The news, like CNN, will say how evil Trump is, yet seem to give him the most air time by MILES.

My objective is to help get Johnson to hit 5% of the vote. If he does, the libertarian party gets money from the government for next election.

Sorry for the rant, this stuff just annoys me. Basically… I dislike Trump and Clinton. I hope whoever wins doesn’t doom us all, my fight is for the future. We lost this battle, I can only hope next time we strike harder.


Thanks @GypsyBiscuits , I gather the American system is a ‘two party preferred’ political-system where the voters are limited in their choices.

Really a ‘duopoly’ where those two political parties with considerable financial backing are assured a place in congress, and the White House.

Yes, that is a great way to put it. Gary Johnson is at least on the ballot in all 50 states, but that doesn’t apply to every third party. It’s a bunch of chaos. The media fear mongers that now is not the time for a “protest vote”. If we don’t vote for Clnton, its a vote for Trump,etc.

I am voting for who I LIKE, not for someone who is LESS evil.

But it’ll be my fault whoever wins tonight.


No Worries, thanks for your insights on the election.

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This is a live count. Super early right now and its two red states reporting first, so obviously Trump is crushing.

We’ll see how this pans out.

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I’m a Canadian and I think both of them are retards. But I want to see trump get is cause I want to see things get shaken up. I think the USA has got way to corrupt with its politics and she is a perfect picture of that. Hopefully things don’t go bad but I want to see things change

^^^^ I’m American. This. Exactly this. ^^^^

I don’t feel confident in either of them, but we KNOW that Hillary is corrupt to the bone. We KNOW that she can get away with anything because she’s part of big government and they’re not going to imprison or even just kick out their pre-destined candidate. She is the epitome of everything bad about big government, wealth, power, etc. With Hillary we know this trend will just continue. With Trump, it’s kind of a toss-up. At least he’s not feeding into the PC bullshit. It could be bad, or he could really be trying to fix things. I honestly feel like we’d have a better chance with him.

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I dislike both as I previously stated. I don’t know who I prefer.

I see what you two mean about Trump, however.

I literally just had this same conversation with one of my friends. I sway more toward the libertarian side too, but I too assumed that he just wouldn’t win so I chose not to vote. I kind of wish I would have now that you mentioned that whole 5% thing. But like you said, either way it’s our fault, whatever way the votes go.

The system is rigged. It’s like watching a car show sponsored by one car company featuring two cars with negligible differences.

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How is that even possible ?
From the way he’s depicted in world-wide media, it would seem that standing next to Donald Trump would make anybody come off as being an absolute genius.
Here in french-speaking Canada, the media mostly insisted on how Trump was pretty much the most absurd politcian in recent decades worldwide, and there was next to no conceivable chance for him to reasonably win a presidential election without either discrediting the entire electoral system, or insulting the intelligence of the majority of US voters.
I mean, maybe if he was running against Kim Jong Un, then Trump might get a pass in our media.

This just in : Immigration Canada’s website crashed.

It’s Trump now, there is no losing.


The media here has been proven via wikileaks to be biased or controlled by the Democratic Party. CNBC interviews with Trump, were directed by the Democratic National Committee, Hillary’s party. They gave the interviewer questions to ask Trump. Basically, they all want Clinton to win. Trump is the obvious threat. A third party vote is “A vote for Trump.” That is what ALL the media will tell us. I voted third party. If Trump wins, it’s my fault.

It’s not. I voted for who I WANT, instead of voting for someone who is LESS messed up.

Clinton leaked/destroyed emails. Trump wants a to build a wall and ban a religion. Gary Johnson forgets the name of a town in Syria, and that is the outrage. Media calls him out, saying he is disqualified for office now, but NOTHING Clinton did matters?


I don’t know yet. AP is saying 244/215 Trump/Hillary, and all the states left are within 1-2% either side. She could win enough states to at least make it so he can’t get to 270, but I honestly hope he just wins and gets it over with, and I hope he wins by enough that the Dems don’t cry and scream for a recount.

I’m just curious what kinda crazy, shady shit starts going down if Trump gets elected. Some BLM leader already said they’d start riots all over the country if Trump wins, basically turning BLM into a terrorist organization (they’re already pushing the boundaries as it is). I’m pretty sure the Clinton Foundation will start secretly sponsoring other events to happen that will make people regret voting for Trump. Even if he gets elected, this game isn’t over.

I imagined a beautiful future with President Sanders. He is the only candidate I felt good about voting for at the time. I understand why he dropped out. In order to stop Dump from winning. If he runs again I’m gonna vote for him so hard. He’s old as hell though. I voted for Cobra Commander. My second choice would be a grocery bag placed tightly over my head and face.