Upgrading Router (don't know much bout wifi)

Our internet provider is time warner cable (spectrum) . This is the item that we received when we joined TW Arris DG1670A Touchstone Data Gateway Bulk Packed… how can help in suggesting for us to upgrading for our internet wifi,
and if u have any suggestions on either purchasing our own router?

Thank you

What is your budget, how big is your house/apartment, how many devices will be connected, and how comfortable do you feel tinkering with the router settings?

2000 sq. ft…and as far as devices roughly they are 7 phones, 2 tablets 2 ps4 , 2 xbox 360 , 2 laptops. Can u give some suggests on the tickering and settings

hi ?

Is there possible anyone who can respond to me and help me … I would appreciate it very much.

Check out the Asus Ac87u. We recommend that router to almost all of our clients and its fantastic. You can also set up an OpenVPN server straight from the router, which is awesome.

thank you