Trying to find a flash animation from early 2000s

I remember way back there used to be a website called Animation Express, but the website no longer exists.

Im trying to see if maybe I can find the specific flash animation series somewhere else if it still happens to exist.

I dont remember much of the said series. What I do remember is it involved a talking fly, an animal corpse and talking maggots. I think it took place on the side of a road maybe?

Can anyone help me possibly find this? Does anyone else possibly know the flash animation im describing?

This site shows up when I enter the search-bar:

Thats not it.
The original site went down long ago.

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No Worries, this site came up in my search-window.

I somehow doubt whether you’ll be successful in your search if no one else has resurrected the original website.

Well my thinking is since it was on the internet at one point, the flash animation must exist somewhere else right?

Once its on the internet, it cant be removed right? Isnt that the general rule of the internet?