Travel-Cool Places to visit for nerd, computer, and music culture

Post/talk about places you’ve been/want to go to that have to do with the nerd, computer and music culture.

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I personally like the Synth shop in Portland Oregon called “Control Voltage”. They are going to be at a synth fest on March 4th. If you are in the the area then you should go. It will be at the Holocene club from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm. I believe you have to get tickets on the Holocene website.

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Heres more information

@Logan the synth fest might interest you

This looks awesome! And I don’t even play haha

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I went today and it was pretty cool. I have some photos to upload later.

If your ever in Calgary Ab, Canada check this place out. 13000 sq feet of epic nerd awesome. Every nerd game you can think of they have in abundance.



Apparently the forum won’t let me upload raw photos. I’ll find another way.

Try the usual hosts like Youtube or Vimeo.

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I’m going with Dropbox

Maybe-its taking a while

No worries :slight_smile:

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Most of the photos didn’t turn out too well as I took them with a Sony a200 in low light

9 out of 20 photos uploaded

Here you go:

I included some pictures of street art I saw on the way that I thought was cool in the Dropbox folder

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If you don’t want to look at them on Dropbox you could dust look up Holocene on Google Maps. I put them on Google Maps.

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Kinda near me… kinda not

Would like to check them out someday


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