Torches in dungeons are a bad idea

Smart adventurers use a candle in a box. Also called a “lantern”.


This is a very awesome video. I ended up watching the whole thing. We have created some strange glowing rocks and added them to the lore in the Zweihänder game. The idea is that the player has to use an oil lantern until they can afford to get an “always on” lantern with some of the glowing rocks in it… I really just wanted to make the caves glow a bit. Anyway, this video has convinced me to go for more realism in other areas like the monastery.

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As weird as it sounds, glowing rocks make a much more plausible dungeon-crawling light source than medieval torches.

Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Oh, and the author of the video has a whole bunch of RPG and historical realism stuff on his channel.
His opinion videos are kinda meh, but everything else is a goldmine for writers, film directors and game devs.

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I’m all over it. this is extremely helpful actually. There are things you can research, but he covers things you don’t even think to research.