To Stay or not to stay, with Windows 7, that is the question

What are the draw backs of windows 10 with regards to playing games on an air-gapped PC?
Updates don’t mean anything once I have them running in Off-Line mode.
Presently using 7 64bit premium and worried if I upgrade to 10 and hate it for what ever reason and reload 7, I will end up worse off than now. Don’t wish to jump thru 10 hoops to get things running to where I am now ( but on 10), only to permanently loose some programs that can’t be started again if I rewind back 7. One example is Byki Express as the company is finished. There’s also a massively modded Skyrim that took me months to iron out due to the nut in control. There’s one side note and that’s the krap connection I could use which loves timing out and disconnecting every inconvenient moment. Did I mention $3/GB when it does work?
Any valid reason for and against would be greatly appreciated, thanks.