Time for a case mod

I could make white caps for the reservoir but at the same time, the computer parts have some black so I don’t know if I want to change it.

So I bought three Corsair SP140mm white led fans, they have a black frame which I do not care for, but will work well for cooling a radiator.

Got home and took one out of the box to try and take it apart… unfortunately my attempt to take it apart ended up destroying the fan and found out they are built to not be taken apart at all.

So with one broken fan and new knowledge about the fast that they do not come apart, I am left having to tape up at much of the fan as possible before painting.

from the first painting attempt for my case, I have learned my lesson and am doing two coats of primer (did it a bit heavy for the photo but it will still work out fine).

the outcome of my first tape job did not go perfect, but I am very happy with the way it came out and will be painting all my fans the same color of red as I did for my case.

(side note: I really need to improve on my camera skills)

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I like the way this is turning out.

Looks awesome!



Half way done with painting my fans

Also bought two Black Ice Nemesis 420GTS Ultra Stealth U-Flow Low Profile Radiators


Well, things do not always go smoothly,and most times you can just mod things to fit into place. however this time around with the H440 being a small mid-tower case I ran into the issue of not being able to fit a 420mm (3x120mm) radiator into the top of the case. and the front radiator can only fit into the the case with a push configuration.

So I shall be returning one of the radiators and installing a 280mm (2x140mm) radiator at the top of the case.


OP you should be so proud of yourself. This is the kind of creativity I need to partake in and others around me need to do too. I never had a father that was creative until I left the nest and well education didn’t work out for me thus far so there is a lack of belief I can do anything and I am afraid to even try. I hope in the future I can do a pc case mod because damn well I really want to. Hell I remember a time when I wanted to do it before it was even a thing and have the machines be a brand by me. : ) Sooooo … to finish this off OP thanks for sharing this project and I look forward to seeing more things you do.

got my parts on order and now I am playing the waiting game for shipping


so are we buddy.


Photo dump time, also the black fan is just a place holder for one that is being painted.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/7/7b4e0ba45c79f47805d03c3d6c78755de78650a6.jpg" width="690 "height=“388”>

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Well here we are, parts have all arrived, and it was time to just finish up the build for the most part.

The large mess of parts for water cooling two AMD R9 390’s

The copper block and graphics card ready to be cleaned and assembled.

Custom built water block bridge. Personally I love the look of it as it looks so clean but I made it as a single slot when I needed twice as tall.

Replaced my custom bridge with a simple pair of compression fittings and a short length of petg tube.

The half way point!

Final tube installed. Not how I wanted the tube going from the cpu off to the right radiator but I did all of the bends with no rubber insert for holding the tubes shape. All bends are done free hand and no measuring, just eye balled it all.

Filled and running fine with no leaks. I was a bit worried but all of it worked out.

Well, this will be the last upload for some as I do not know when I will be getting around to do all the final touched like SSD covers, GPU back plates, and front panel sticker.

MSI x370 Titanium
AMD Ryzn 1800x @3.8 GHz (will be getting a higher OC after finding average temps)
Corsair Vengeance White LED 2x8GB @ 3200MHz 16-18-18-36 1.35v


That’s a nice looking build you got.

3 months later to the day!

Plastic window had a scratch in it, so I decided to go to a glass window

ANNNNND I fucked that up

Got three stitches, also have plenty of photos but I won’t be posting them as this is a “computer mod”, not a “How to mod your human”.

Thiss actually took up the most of my time, the green LED’s are 3mm, and powered by a 4-pin molex. Having a motherboard with an RGB header, I wanted to use that and change out the green LED’s with red ones. so far I have been able to test them out. Sadly tho, most red LED’s actually have a strong orange tint to them which annoys me. Also changed out the orange looking helix to a blood red one.

Also running two 2TB Smasung SSD’s in raid 0 now.


This is an awesome project dude.


;_; oh god why

Ran out of storage, raid 0 was just to expand storage with same drive letter.

You have the same amount of storage before as you do now.

Except now you’re striping the partition to have one larger partition.

I guess you ran out of room on C:\ and didn’t want another drive letter?

Please forgive me on reviving my old post as over a year later(?) I have an update to my build log.

The nzxt case has way too little airflow so it was over heating a lot. I ran into a video of bill owen doing a airflow mod and decided it was easiest to just copy what was in said video. I took off the front and top panels taking them over to a guy with a water jet so the cuts can look straight and smooth.

Next up was ordering some over priced modders mesh from mnpctech, cleaning iff an oil residue, primer painting, and finally a red enameled spray paint finish before gluing the mesh to the inside of the panel (between the plastic and metal layers) with some two part epoxy.

And next up i shall be working on cable sleeving.


I know this post is old, but it is the best… blog?.. that I can link to and wanted to add an update I am currently doing. Working on cable sleeves and removing the split in the PSU shroud. Also going to update to Zen-2, and replace some ugly tubes. Got new coolant as well because the old stuff is slightly yellow/green from being mixed with UV green coolant. Finally, I also swapped out my two R9 390’s for a Vega 64 which is much nicer as the EK waterblock makes it a single slot card.


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Damn, that’s slick.

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