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Time for a case mod


So I am not really sure if this would be the correct subject location for a custom case build, but I could not seem to find a more acceptable location.

Today (03/22/2017) I received my NZXT H440 white and black case.

I like the looks of the case for the most part but am not a real fan of the HDD area the blocks off a third of the case from view so I have removed that as I will only be using three SSD’s for my complete build.

Also I am not a fan of black and white, nor did I want to do another case with the primary color of the case being black (example being the black and red H440), so I have taken the entire computer case apart and started painting all of the visible black plastic. which brings us up to the current point of my build by the end of day one (03/22/2017)

P.S. I need to remember to remove the black PCI slot covers and paint them red as well.



Just a small update with how day two went.

first off, I went ahead and worked on a cardboard cut out of an idea for what I want the final build to look like for the inside of the case.

I really like the idea of having a slope at the end of the power supply shroud allowing for three fans at the front instead of just extending it to the front of the case blocking off mounting of the third fan.The hard part about this design is going to be preserving the radial bend that already exists with the stock shroud.

Without the necessary parts and tools to make a first attempt at the shroud, I moved on to applying a second coat of paint to the plastic parts of the case, which is where I have finally hit a snag.

Looks like I have reached the first point in which I will be stuck in a waiting game with needing the paint to fully cure before I can sand down the bad spot and re-apply a new coat of paint.


Day number three

project is moving forward, painting is almost done and parts are getting reassembled. Unfortunately painters tape ended up pealing off a thin layer of the sound dampening foam when removed. oh well such is life.


Looks great, I’m enjoying these updates :smiley_cat:


That colour scheme is blowing me away.

Top class! Very well done.


Going to use a red cooler?



I will be doing a water cooling loop.


Well it is that time again, another day means another update. unfortunately I had to call it quits early today because the hardware store close to my house is closed by 6 pm.

I skipped a lot of the small details like actually cutting the metal to shape and size but I had taped a twelve by twelve inch steel sheet (18 gauge thick I believe) using blue painters tape this way I could easily outline the part and cut it out. Next I did a few of the bends to allow for a test fit

I was always running into small snags with the part not fitting right so I would constantly be putting the part in, taking a look, pulling the part out, and bending it with pliers or hitting it with a hammer. Sometimes I would run into the issue of having too much extra material and have to take small trimmings off (this is actually a good thing as I can always remove material but can never add back to it without a welder)

after I could no longer tell how the part would fit by just setting it in the location it will be living in, I marked the spots to be drilled, made the holes and removed the tape. (by this point the tape was already messed up and just needed to be removed as it no longer was able to be of use)

I had ran into two new issues after mounting it into the case for the first time, the first thing that is obvious is also a HUGE thumb sore. That damned gap was huge, and that part was at an angle so the back side against the motherboard tray was fine.

But wait, that is only one issue… so what is the second?

Well, the radial bend on the power supply shroud was larger then what currently exists on the part I made. which would explain the gap problem as well.

Alright so now knowing what was casing the issue I quickly removed the part from the case and did a little hammering, bending and repeating with trying to make the radius larger. slowly I worked the metal into shape. Voila, with time and effort I have managed to make a working part from one piece of steel.

And so now we have reached the point that I need to get some Bondo or similar thing to fill in the small gaps and smooth out some rough spots.


Another day, another update.

I removed the extension that I had been working for the power supply shroud and made a small adjustment to the top making it a little more even to the case as the back side was lifting a little higher then the rest. once I was fully satisfied with the job I grabbed some Bondo to help smooth out the bumps and imperfections.

This was my fist time ever using this stuff and easily got too carried away. What was really nice about the Bondo is the fact that once dry, the stuff is really easy to sand down with little effort. I also used epoxy to help fill in the corner that had slightly too much material missing from it and the Bondo was not strong enough on its own.

as I let the Bondo dry I moved on to the backside of the case with a new piece of steel sheet metal. This will be used as support for the case and to hid cables which is mounted in the same are the hard drives would have gone when it was a stock case. I used the same technique as before with taping the material so I could draw up the part and point out the areas to be drilled for the screws.

By the time I had gotten done with cutting that part out I moved to the final step of painting both the parts which leaves me to a waiting game of “watching paint dry”.

Once both parts are painted and I am satisfied with the final coat all there will be left is assembly. Also I do have a plan to make the window for the side panel larger, but I want to find a shop with a water jet cutter in hopes of not messing up the paint and having clean straight lines.


just did a quick preview of the final build (nothing bolted in place as painting is still being finished)


Looking good :smiley_cat:


Well I was hoping to be done with it today but ran into a snag again. the paint was not sticking to the sheet metal because I was taking shortcuts. needless to say, I wont be posting updates for a bit as I don’t know when I will be able to get to the next steps.

I will just leave a note of planned parts and designs.


Front Panel:
vinyl decal sticker- Rod of Asclepius (true medical symbol) or Caduceus (better looking)

It is going to be a water cooled build so what better then a T-Virus reservoir


well I finally did it, I have completed the project and it feels good.

Painting is finished and assembled, also got the side panel cut and installed the new window.

Last two images are before and after window install.



My new reservoir has finally shown up from china.

So now that I know how it looks and work, I will be able to buy the tubes I need to start water cooling.

Originally my hope was that the coils would be what the water would run through, which unfortunately is not the outcome. So I will now be buying red PETG tubing and using clear coolant.


After days and week of work I finally got my ryzen build to run at 3200mhz

EDIT: I have come to the conclusion that my first ram kit had a defect in which it only ran at 2933 because as soon as I switched out for a different color of the same exact ram, everything worked better.


Love white and red accents. One of my favorite color schemes on anything!
I dislike black and red strongly and am tired of all the black with red on the market…


I could make white caps for the reservoir but at the same time, the computer parts have some black so I don’t know if I want to change it.


So I bought three Corsair SP140mm white led fans, they have a black frame which I do not care for, but will work well for cooling a radiator.

Got home and took one out of the box to try and take it apart… unfortunately my attempt to take it apart ended up destroying the fan and found out they are built to not be taken apart at all.

So with one broken fan and new knowledge about the fast that they do not come apart, I am left having to tape up at much of the fan as possible before painting.

from the first painting attempt for my case, I have learned my lesson and am doing two coats of primer (did it a bit heavy for the photo but it will still work out fine).

the outcome of my first tape job did not go perfect, but I am very happy with the way it came out and will be painting all my fans the same color of red as I did for my case.

(side note: I really need to improve on my camera skills)


I like the way this is turning out.