Thousand Worlds

If you don’t know, George RR Martin made a ton of Scifi books before pretending to write fantasy… or did he pretend to write Scifi thats really fantasy?

Anyway, they are really good, and this guy does the best, and was for a long time the only one, talking about them.

Really amazing scifi and really deep lore (would love a show or game in the universe)

Have you read any of these? What did you like about it?

GRRM was apparently really into sci-fi during the 80s.

AFAIK, some of his short stories were adapted by the shitty TV show The Outer Limits in the 90s.

Also, one of the authors of The Expanse was his assistant for a while. The legend says that the original draft for the novel series was a tabletop RPG campaign played by Ty Franck, GRRM, Daniel Abraham and a couple other people.

The Expanse would have made an amazing RPG.

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yes and no

one the OUTER LIMTS IS AWESOME cough cough lol jk… but really

he was a writer for tv for ages, Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, and even… Beauty and the Beast… shudder

Got to pay the bills…but in interviews he really liked Beauty and the Beast… smh different strokes I guess

I could see it