Thoughts on the state of this forum?

What do you guys think? How can we make this place active and alive?

Let’s get the ball rolling. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not going to happen soon. The issue is getting people to even look at the forum right now, let alone post on it.

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There are a lot of lurkers though.

I think they just need a little nudge to post topics.

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That’s the thing, nobody is trying. It’s nice and all if everybody can agree that the forum is slow, but saying is not doing.

Ya it’s dead. I tried when it started but it died our pretty fast. Not much you can do. I don’t know the state of Crit or anything. They have a lot of YouTube subs so I imagine there doing okay.

But I highly doubt things will pick up back to the old days.

Oh well.

As the pendulum swings it’s hard to see in the other direction until it’s swinging back the other way.


I will say I still love the content. Feels more natural then back in the tek days. So keep that up!

Personally I find forums are sort of going away in general and it’s shifting over to discord/Reddit. Whether that’s a good or bad thing I don’t know.


the everyday chit-chat is going over to reddit/discord, while I guess the more formal stuff is staying on the forums.

That’s pretty good way of looking at the situation.

Just gotta keep going forward.

I also love the content here. I was a fan of TS for a while, and never posted on the old forum. I wish I able to participate more. That said, everyone here who I have talked to, be it Logan, some mods, or others ( Plus everyone on Discord,) has been a pleasure. If there is a way to help, I would more then delighted.

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This place needs some black jack and hookers.

There’s some quality stuff being posted here from time to time.

But yeah, it’s kind of a bad timing for forums in general. Attracting new community members right now usually means attracting a new generation of community members.

People who haven’t stuck around with close-knit forum-based communities for a couple of years now tend to be more accustomed to subreddits, facebook groups and, gods forbid, youtube comment sections.

It’s not entirely a bad change per se. Nowadays people have to juggle with forums, social media, reddit, youtube and discord; online communities are kinda all over the place instead of being consolidated on a single platform.

Small giveaways that require people to come to these forums could work. You could spread the word through Twitter and other social media crap. Even if you have to give small things away like stickers, coasters or other similar things that are small that would be cheap to ship it could bring people here.

Why though? Spend money and time to bring people to a platform that doesn’t really make them anything.


how about in stead of posting a link to the video on discord post a link to the forum post? also take down any member submitted link to video . just a thought

That wouldn’t be possible. Then Crit would need to self host all the videos, and pay for all the bandwidth it would take to stream them. That would cost way too much money.

Thanks for the idea, but we just need to bootstrap ourselves; forum activity.

not sure your read that correctly

It’s the people / participants who make the forum happen via their input (like any organisation)

I’ll be honest, I just miss the old tek syndicate :\ I can’t take the L1 forum anymore. Theres no one around that gives a shit about my projects anymore. I get like three likes, no questions about stuff, and it just falls in the trash. Its just in the news and build-my-pc-for-me circle. Don’t get me wrong, its neat, but I always felt this place kept the old spirit better, even if it is a little quiet. I just wish it could be more, uhhh, I dunno… techy?

I just want the old forum back this all sucks now…

Why not post-up videos of yourselves building projects / visiting places of tech-interest or even talk to the camera about what your interests are?

Doing this may make the forum more interactive, and interesting, too.

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