This metal band released an all 8 bit version of their newest album

This fucking band kicks ass, I just discovered them a few weeks ago but they are becoming my favorite. Here is their original album.

Then today they release this

@logan check this out


this is awesome

All over it. This epic. Thanks @Kharnage.

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Anxiously waiting to see if they throw it on Bandcamp.

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I love it! In the first video they have 2 versions, so that makes 3 versions of the same album all at once. I’ve never seen this in all my metalhead years.

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8-bit Melodeath is the future.

Man if there’s one thing I love, it’s 8 bit metal (I always listen to that stuff while playing doom). Also I’ve listened to a bit of the album and it seems to kick ass!

This is rad, great find.

It’s on Bandcamp now

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