Thinking to buy gx650w?

Guys I was looking for a good psu and some one offered me cooler master 650w gx series psu for 50$ with 2 year warranty is it any good?

I had cooler master thunder 500w it died multiple times so very skeptical please help!!!

New units cost around 110 to 120 $ here in my country and that is if I am lucky.

its a bit dusty but works thoughts should I buy it?

image 1

image 2

Here is a review …

It seems to rate well enough for a very basic system. What components do you have?

Oh and personally I would never go CM for a PSU. Now in saying that though I took a longshot on a 1000 watt Mushkin Joule PSU many years ago now and it has worked out great. Maybe this psu you are looking at will work out fine for you.