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Thinking About Getting Into Vinyl


I never said it makes you a hipster. I said people “Think” your a hipster. Soooo invalid argumnet?

I wear flannel shirts too and people call me a hipster.


I love vinyl, but depending on the album, it makes a questionable difference. Hearing something like Trilogies from Emerson, Lake and Palmer, or some classic Jimi records are great.

New Metallica record on vinyl? Questionable difference compared to CD.


Does the vinyl sound better or worse?

Death Magnetic was mixed poorly even on CD. Should have hired Johnny K.


Hardwired sounds solid all around on both. It maybe sounds better on vinyl? It’s tough to tell. Death Magnetic was brickedwalled beyond repair. That said, even if music doesn’t always sound better on vinyl, I pay more attention to it on vinyl. can’t explain way.


I wonder if there’s been any double blind tests on modern vinyl and other modern methods of audio playback.

I mean I can just barely hear the difference between MP3 and FLAC, so unless vinyl is literally magic I’m not sure if the audio difference would be noticeable without a bit of placebo effect. I’d like to think my audio setup is plenty enough for me to hear the difference in formats too, yet there’s very little difference most times.


do it! its awesome and they (can) sound fantastic. I have a lot old stuff in my collection but it’s getting pretty easy to find newer music on vinyl as well.


Vinyl is really good if you have a turntable that is at least $99. Don’t cheap out on the RCA cables and pre amp. If you are buying used record don’t clean them unless if you are getting new inner sleeves. To clean them mix distilled water and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Use a 70:30 mix. Put it in a very clean pyrex dish and dip a new microfiber cloth in it. Then put the record on a different new microfiber cloth and rub the wet one 5 times the way the record spins, 5 times the other way and then 5 times the way the record spins. Flip record over and repeat on the other side. If the record is still wet when all said and done go ahead and give it a wipe in the way the record spins with a new microfiber cloth to dry it off. Don’t put the record away wet. If you follow that-you should be golden!


I found this one on amazon.

Maybe combined with some bookshelf speakers.


I have a couple of metal records. Some cradle of filth, darkthrone, behemoth …they sound VERY different from their cd version. It’s a marvelous experience when you have a good system.


I have started to get video game vinyls, got my hands on deus ex HR and streets of rage


So I noticed some people are showing you some cheap 99$ turn tables. I will warn you that if you get these invest in a high quality needle and swap it in if you get one of these cheap ones.

These cheap turn tables use crap needles. After a while they will eat through your records. Or the arm won’t be set up correctly to have enough pressure and it will skip. Causing you to adjust it yourself or put a penny on the needle to keep pressure which will also eat your records.

So either get a good needle or invest a little more.


Have any suggestions?


Honestly it’s been so long I don’t even remember what’s a good brand anymore.

Just try and invest as much as you personally can into it for the best outcome.


I think Project Debut Carbon makes some good turntables


My setup.


Sound system


Stanton has some good mid-high end models

Fluance is a brand I trust, I have some of their speakers and it’s awesome. The reviews don’t lie


Whether or not the sound quality is better, in my experience, vinyl sounds different than digital music. I think it has to do with the lack of digital sampling. It is almost like the music is in a different key, but it isn’t. Hard to explain without hearing it firsthand.


I absolutely love vinyl. It’s my preferred medium for listening to music. I also love collecting vinyl. You can get some really awesome looking vinyl such as this. If you’re wondering what the album is it’s an album called “Help” by Thee Oh Sees. Fantastic band and album. You also can get goodies with some records such as posters and art books, it’s really cool.


Clarity / perfect sound isn’t always the best thing in regards to music otherwise people would not go to see artists perform live. Seriously buy the vinyl. Start with Pearl Jam.