Thinking About Getting Into Vinyl

Thinking about getting into collecting my favorite albums on vinyl. What are your thoughts on this?


Nifty, but expensive for the minimal (if any) noticeable increase in audio quality.

Nifty though.

Also good for the zombie apocalypse.

More for the novelty rather than the sound quality.

I had a bit of a stint with this a few years ago. It’s neat and I like vintage stuff but it’s horribly expensive. Not just for records but for a proper set up. If you get a cheap or midrange system it will either eat up your records or sound like crap.

Honestly just going back to digital was the best thing I did.

Also everything thinks your a hipster when they find out you listen to records.

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Hmm, maybe I’ll just collect CD’s or something? I want some form of physical media.

CDs are nice. Can rip them to .flac too, so you can horde the albums in high quality electronically too.

(I’m really collecting CDs because my car only doesn’t have any auxiliary inputs. Two birds with one stone.)

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That would be easier

Hm, maybe I could do something snazzy with a spare tablet and some shelf speakers.

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Could go from tablet aux to rca to bookshelf speakers.

That would be nice. Some albums actually sound better on speakers anyways.

If you really wanted to get your nerd on an RPi + Touchscreen + Kodi would make for a good audio device too. Could even go crazy and add on one of the DACs that are on the market for the RPi.

I’ve got a box of 45’s and my thought on this is you should buy it from me.

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Too much work. lol


you sure? it’s packed with stuff that says not for resale.

What kind of music? Shipping for that could be a bitch though…

I like vinyl as far as a physical medium, but @GnomishViking is right that the setup can be/is a massive money pit. I personally mostly buy records from thrift stores and used records stores, so the ‘highest fidelity’ isn’t as much of a factor for me. I have bought a few new and re-released albums, but it’s mostly because they’re either on sale or I just really like the artist. If you really like album art or for filling up a bookcase, it’s great; but if audio quality is what you’re after, prepare to spend a fair amount to get the best out of a vinyl setup.

I listen to metal.

Im mostly after it for the collection aspect. If I want quality I’ll use my DT 990’s and Schiit Stack. Lol

mostly stuff that was popular in the 70s-80s.

I only listen to Tibetan throat singing

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I say do it. People have been saying its been a fad for quite some time now, I don’t think its really going anywhere. Even if its a novelty, its an interesting and pleasant one. :slight_smile:


Invalid argument. For instance I wear a flannel shirt cause it is comfortable. Does that make me a hipster? No it does not.

Vinyl records will always sound better than lossless audio or CDs.

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