The Winner of E3..... Was a Fighting Game

Well… The game i am most hyped for, anyways lol

The cell-shading it on point. And i am SO glad it is a 2D fighter (i dislike 3D fighters, and that has been the majority of DBZ games in the past.)

Sounds like Daisuke Ishiwatari might do the soundtrack, because that trailer track is Godlike OP.

Here is a clip of some crisp-looking gameplay.

I am loving the soft reset when a character is knocked out. Totally gets rid of any possibility of an unblockable setup upon incoming. I can’t wait. So glad it is coming to PC. I’m not really about those huge blockbuster games, but one thing i liked about a lot of stuff at this year’s E3 was that many of the titles are coming to PC.

Here is another (less crisp) video of gameplay

(Just curious… when i used to post youtube videos on here… they would create thumbnail pics… has something changed? or is there something i can do to rectify this situation?)

Ohh I liked Daisue Ishiwatar’s work back from Guilty Gear.
Also it’s by Arc System Works so that explains the style lol

yup yup. His axe skills are quite incredible.
I mean, who doesn’t like Holy Orders?

I just hope roster is huge. especially since it’s 3v3

I don’t get it. Hasn’t there been a bazillion Dragon Ball fighting games, some excellent, some terrible?

What’s special about this one, except for the cell shading? To my untrained eyes, the animation seems just as choppy as it was a couple console generations ago, and there doesn’t seem to be any progression story-wise.

Are anime fighting games starting to become like EA sports titles? Just up the graphics and change the roster for every new release?

Sorry if this is redundant, I haven’t been following the E3 stuff.

  1. It’t the first 2D gameplay DBZ fighting game since… PS1? (There may have been one newer, can’t remember, but not in the Budokai series).

  2. The cell-shading tech is gorgeous, thanks to Guilty Gear innovations.

  3. Arc System Works is making it… so you know the gameplay will be epic. they know fighting games.

  4. It looks amazing, and it’s coming to PC.

  5. With how cruddy Marvel vs Capcom Infinite looks… This game could very well see some huge tournament scene adoption. (i hope).

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