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![](upload://KuuXsS066giG8n7jAmDHxWb4V4.png) Epic Pants
![](upload://9Q83c2i7PkX7lAlMnCX7k5QIcFQ.png) Surprise! European Union Adopts Net Neutrality Guidelines That Don't Suck | Techdirt
![](upload://bXRFrKfGWXf570G7JcKKqU8kMw9.png) Building a new Tor that can resist next-generation state surveillance | Ars Technica
![](upload://4b3OCCsHxR4J0zlgG4n5rpfpRuH.png) T-Mobile, Sprint Unlimited Plans Are Full of Limits - WSJ
![](upload://p4gEKNfDhQ6hxHWJRjvtIjnCjUN.png) India's richest man launches 4G network with unlimited free voice calls
![](upload://9Q83c2i7PkX7lAlMnCX7k5QIcFQ.png) DRM: Still Hurting Paying Customers The Most | Techdirt
![](upload://vYWZtgb4ARWUy4h9cKi0vSPfcJu.png) Samsung Expected to Announce Recall of New Galaxy Note 7 Due to Exploding Batteries - Mac Rumors
![](upload://bXRFrKfGWXf570G7JcKKqU8kMw9.png) How one company is working with Valve to remove the wires from the HTC Vive | Ars Technica
![](upload://uFUPqhUIF7TbQ6LUJv6p53giUGU.png) Nvidia partners with Baidu to build a self-driving car AI - The Verge
![](upload://qtZET3lAOJB6imL0IlZPwRVgbEn.png) Self-driving buses are now on the road in Helsinki - Curbed
![](upload://jIzvhBZQfKjEaTNQeQvApIFQRpy.png) Flying robot taxi to start trials in Las Vegas
![](upload://qyJR0rKv9wes62ucwq67g1XzFL6.png) DUS Architects builds 3D-printed micro home in Amsterdam
The World's Largest 3D Printed Object (U.S. Department of Energy) - YouTube
![](upload://uFUPqhUIF7TbQ6LUJv6p53giUGU.png) Acer's Predator 21 X puts a curved screen and dual GTX 1080s in a laptop - The Verge
![](upload://sHvfgjQ4yMTt15azFvBiedLcagv.png) Breakthough T-Shirt Supermaterial Is Like Wearing Nothing at All
![](upload://cDnxoDeF4luuwMYO2riYMPm1FP1.png) CRISPR/Cas9 technology to inactivate cancer mutations, say scientists -- ScienceDaily
![](upload://wCFID7AbLQ3WYH1zAujZqAlS1lF.png) EmDrive: Nasa Eagleworks paper has finally passed peer review, says scientist close to the team
![](upload://gVgKpWOWpZsdVYiXAdamcpFRYMN.png) Owlboy is the retro-styled sidescroller you didn’t realise you needed | PC Gamer