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The Tavern


It’s something you have to learn to appreciate.


Thank god.


Care to make a better suggestion then?
I shat it out.


Crit Posting, The Barcade, The Tavern.


The Barcade

taking a cue from the TS Crit tv discord


I’m okay with that but I’m a little biased… heh


Anyone want to make any more suggestions? I’ll stick a poll in the OP.


I prefer the tavern, personally.


The Pub?


Make the brits feel at home


Will make a poll just before PGP stream starts.
That’s your deadline, people.


“The Tavern” sounds like a friendly drunken place for everyone :beers: but all that talk about “the pub” & “the tavern” are making me want to drink a beer mmmm beeeeeeer!


3MB file size limit, neat.



The Shitshow

Because we all know it will turn into that.


Now now, this is a fresh start. Lets keep it fresh. Put the thread in a ziploc bag.

Only Grade AA shitposting


All posts in this thread say 7 hours ago?


I’m just about to consume a beer now lol.


I think the critter hole is awesome haha. The tavern will be cool too though


@schwarzwolf @GnomishViking there is a poll.


No Worries cobber :slight_smile: voted for the ‘Tavern’.