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The Tavern


Heh you can wash a desk mat/mouse pad in the washign machine on delicate and it wont harm it. Had a soda spill and it cleaned right up.




Ahh, patriarchy, reeeeee.


Congrats on 600k subscribers, Tek Syndicate. :slight_smile:



: S I don’t even see my nick anymore


Good luck Europe on article 13


@Logan surprised you showed footage from the window of your office outside in the latest serious business. Somebody could find where you are located based off of that.


oh no.


If it is actually our office. We have a running gag of showing random buildings all over town… but don’t tell anyone that.


we need more activity #maketekgreatagain , fall is here and winter is coming its bringing me back the feels of the old days when i would look forward to content from the channel, @Logan what can we do to help man is there anything we can do as a community for those of us who want to fill the void that was left?


I blame Discord. It’s been killing forums left and right


Hey folks, what’s been going on?


Just bought these two.
Finally on GOG! Been waiting too long for these


Finally a way to play these great games again, thanks!


OMG. I loved those games (didn’t play too far into the second though) They were brutal. Thanks for the heads-up.


Don’t forget to vote! https://www.gog.com/10years


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck http://whiskyadvocate.com/game-thrones-scotch/


I’m probably going to be talking to HR about getting a raise and/or telling them I’ve put in applications elsewhere in ~12 hours.

Should be fun!


How’d that turn out?