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The Tavern


What are you looking for? Mountains, food, beer?


I still collect CDs and actual forms of other physical music. I really hate it when bands remaster their older albums. I am a purest and I like the intended sound of the music when it was first recorded.


I have mixed feelings on remasters. Generally I agree with the sentiment that it’s nice to listen to music as it is, but at the same time some original masters sound like hot garbage and a remaster can clean them up.


That is a given, but when the album sounded good to begin with why touch it?

Although Death Magnetic was crap it could do with a re master. Same goes for At The Gates of Sethu by Nile. Horrible productions those albums have.


I don’t know, if it sounds good then listen to it and if it doesn’t then don’t?


I wonder if my employer would let me install an SSD in my computer :thinking: I’m sitting here idling with one Chrome tab, Outlook, and AS400 open and the HDD is bouncing between 15% and 99% usage. It’s frustrating when an i5 7500 with 8 GB of RAM is at a crawl.


Any chance be we’ll get a vid on the One Plus 6
or the Galaxy S9? Curious as I’ve recently acquired an S9. @Logan


I have no problems with a band remastering their work because of legitimate quality reasons. I know a few artists who have their earlier work remastered because they find themselves with access to better equipment, or engineers who will actually work with them to distinguish themes in the music rather than the el-cheapo pop-mix “all bars to the top” mastering they had done before.

The music may have sounded good before, but it’s possible it didn’t sound right. The artist is the only one who can say if it sounded right.


All the above.


Here is the latest from my little show for anyone interested.




Landed in Oregon yesterday. Currently staying in the Tillamook area @Logan. I like how everything is green here.


What do you guys think of Gothic? It’s one of my favourite RPGs, I actually really like the keyboard only controls and the amount of depth and detail in the world.


Keyboard only? No mouse? How many keys are we talking about?

I’d rather go controller if the keyboard controls are clunky.


Controller isn’t really an option, from what I’ve found and for the most part neither is using a mouse. It’s 3D, released around the same time as Morrowind, but I feel that Gothic has a much more deep and interesting world, when compared to Morrowind. Anyway most actions in the game are performed through a combination of only one or two keys, namely your movement keys and then an “action” key of sorts. Want to talk to an NPC in front of you? Action key+W, etc. The game can honestly be played with one hand.


@Logan I went to one of the barcades that were in your videos.



How’d you like Quarterworld?


That kinda sounds like a pain in the ass (or hand).

I’ll have to try it some day.


It didn’t have many arcade games but they had quite a few pinball machines I liked.

We were also driving around town trying bourbon stouts. Overall it was pretty good in the PDX area.