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I need a good video editing software that I can buy and not have to renew the license on. Also where can I go to learn video editing on the internet and the basics of recording and streaming with OBS?

  1. Whats your price? Subscribing to Adobe isnt too bad - but Sony Vegas I’ve seen go on sale from time to time.
  2. YouTube.


Davinci Resolve is free for the first copy, and the upgrade to permanently own it and get all the expert level features and so on is a one time purchase.
For streaming, use Streamlabs OBS as its much better and then I would recommend just doing the streaming. The actual setup is pretty easy and all that. More so than OBS. And theres neat streaming features built in.
Once you get comfortable streaming there’s multitudes of tutorials on how to get better and build communities, etc. on YouTube and to a lesser extent twitch.
Also there’s a bunch of discord servers that are related that are super nice. Like streamlabs and Streamelements, among others.


@Logan You might be into this, it’s an “open source” beer by Widmer and Mozilla.



Happy moving day!


I am willing to pay for quality. As long as it does not cost more than 200 dollars.



I are sad :frowning_face:


Well that’s fucking helpful.

MSI’s “response” to a support ticket.


“Call customer service, also we just closed haha fuck you.”


Yeah, I’m a bit miffed at them right now.

On the positive I have two other motherboard/CPU combos I could use instead, negatives being one is an MSI motherboard as well and the other is X58.


I’ve honestly made a concerted effort to avoid MSI’s motherboards lately. Their quality is super hit-or-miss and I don’t feel like rolling the weighted dice that is their quality assurance. It’s too bad too, I loved their products up until 2014 and then was super let down by their options on X99 and Z97. The X370 Gaming Titanium was a good board, but it was also $300 at launch…


The borked motherboard is the MSI X370 Gaming M7 ACK, which certainly wasn’t a cheap motherboard either.

Anyways, put in my other MSI motherboard (C236A Workstation) and it boot first try with the exact same other components.

I’ve had good luck with other MSI parts in the past, I’ve had quite a few of their motherboards, a laptop, and two GPUs with no issues, but the “it’s not our problem” feeling annoys me.

Guess I’ll switch back to ASRock for future purchases, or maybe try out Gigabyte or something.


I made it my life’s work to avoid anything but Asus but have found Gigabyte motherboards to be extremely awesome not only for build I have made but for others around me. When I heard people talking about MSI motherboards in recent years I wasn’t even tempted. Heck I’d get ASRock motherboards before MSI motherboards as Asus actually wanted to buy that company back and ASRock said no. No wonder as they no longer need Asus and continue to put out good products.


ASUS has been falling in quality lately. They outsource their high end boards (ROG) to ECS for manufacturing now and while the individual parts quality hasn’t dropped, the complete boards have more quality control issues from lackluster soldering, or improper handling. It’s really annoying because ECS is capable of making great boards, but they cut corners at every step.

ASRock is still a subsidiary of ASUSTek (who owns ASUS, Pegatron, ASUSTOR, ASMedia, Aaeon Tech, Cotek, Ezwave, and Azurewave among a ton of others) but they are given a bit more operational independence with the benefit of having access to ASUSTek manufacturing and support resources. Pretty much any ASRock and ASUS board should ideally be the exact same quality and components, though that doesn’t happen often because they’re still marketing as different brands and each need their own unique features to sell.


Don’t know if anyone here is into racing / auto, but I thought I’d share some photos I took yesterday: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmp3Bb2T

Feel free to download, most should be 4K ready.


$15 is hard to pass up on decent sensors.



Yes please


Anything in Portland? I will be in and around the city 4th -11th Aug.