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The Tavern


Kinda. Sword Slinger is a 2.5D arena slasher… We’re honing the Zweihänder combat engine and testing multiplayer at the same time. It’s going to be extremely ridiculous fun and it will help us get the combat going for the big game.


@Logan - Buckethead is coming to Portland on Thursday. :eyes: I’m not even really a fan but I know he’s insane on the guitar.


Are color monitors/televisions/other screens RGB?

  • Yes
  • No

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Because of pixels.


One step closer.


Just need to figure out how to mount one more thing and then it can all go together!


GTX 460

wat in tarnation


Right? Its so old that AMD is using that numbering scheme (and has already passed it!)


They’re goods cards Brent.

I’ll upgrade to my Quadro NVS 210 for the next picture.


No the obvious upgrade is to a GeForce 7300 LE. Bigger number is more better.


Samsung, Hynix, and Micron on the hook for some ~$1B+ in fines from China, meanwhile the former 2 are getting shit yields on their new 18nm process and won’t have it ready for the enterprise market this year. However Nanya does have a working process ramped up (co-developed with Micron last year) and just announced they’re going into the server market with new products, which should increase their share and allow some space to offer ICs to partners for the home consumer.

DRAM prices might actually start to fall before next year.


Y’all got some of them 9800 GX2?


Not currently…

I’ve got like 3 different variants of the GTX 295, but the last few 9800 GX2s I’ve had were all fucked in some way. Those cards are insanely easy to kill.


Just the dead one on my desk.


Damn, I was hoping for a

Card. I only go up to 6950 :frowning:


I have a couple 9800 GTX/GTX+ variants. They don’t consume themselves in their own fiery rage so have remained in working condition. Probably about as good as it gets unless you go buy a FirePro S10000.



That’s a pretty big number.

The build that’s going into the Lian Li case is going to be a HEDT… with the core components being from 2010. i7 950, EVGA X58 SLI3, Sapphire HD6950, 24GB DDR3, and an SSD. Also planning on attaching a fancy fan controller, but it’s going to require some specialty mounting.

Should be fun to test out.


Just revisiting a different era of PC hardware for the fun of it?


Pretty much.

I’d use my X370 motherboard, but I don’t have RAM or a CPU for it. My Skylake Xeon is going into a different case.


@w.meri I’m just gonna let coffee make all the low effort threads he wants until Logan has enough


Might be a long wait.


Holy crap does KiCad take a while to install.