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Can I get a tldr?

ugh its so tiny

also why the mgtow hate? I’ve never been in a relationship not out of spite towards others but I’ve simply held no interest in having one.


Lol. I’m not sure how the images got so small. I’ll have a look behind the scenes.

As for the MGTOW hate, I don’t actually hate anyone, but it’s an easy joke… that being that they have too much time on their hands and therefore are able to cook up conspiracies about how much money I’ve stolen. Plus, I just learned about it and it’s a really funny word to say. I watched a few videos on it and I don’t feel like it’s a necessary movement, but that’s me.

And… images fixed… and posts rebaked… somehow the max width got set to 100px.


I think the term you may be looking for is NEET. They are the ones with all the free time. Also yay images fixed.

Not in
Education or

True basement dwellers



Sai heading straight to https://www.reddit.com/r/OopsDidntMeanTo/


The instant GN got serious that guy backed off and said sorry.

I’m half thinking the guy got wrapped up in the claim by Videocardz and started to stir the pot himself before he realized just how serious his claims were.

If he doesn’t have evidence to back up his claims he could have his pants sued off for defamation/libel.


Damn straight.


Videocardz technically didn’t do anything wrong per se since they were all very vague about it and didn’t name anybody directly as far as I know, so they (probably) won’t have a lawsuit against them, or at least won’t have one they’d easily lose.

To me they’re just trying to stir up drama because they are claiming they have proof, but won’t give it. It’s like they’re making the tech Youtubers guilty until proven innocent, which is the exact opposite of how it should be.


I see all this as a non-issue. They are making a big deal out of the fact that YouTubers had to get sponsors to cover their trip… and they are making it sound like every booth was pay to play or YouTubers are like greedy mobsters shaking the vendors down. I don’t know anyone on YouTube who does that… maybe some do, and I’d be curious… but not surprised. Anyway, we take sponsors and we put sponsored in all the descriptions, but we do not charge for every booth video. That’s silly.

The sponsored coverage doesn’t change what we say because the videos at Computex aren’t really about opinions or endorsements. They are simply coverage because we are there and the audience is now. It’s also a great way to determine what we want to take deeper looks at.

My favorite stuff to do is look for the weirder/more fringe stuff and cover that. However, that stuff doesn’t get many hits and is never sponsored, so it is hard to do. We still focused a lot on it anyway. Those videos are coming soon.


get hype tavern


Lol yeah fullscreens ads, nice forum upgrade.

If I try to use brave mobile browser I can’t even access the site 10/10


what the fuck?! Let me see what’s doing this… maybe a plugin? You sure you don’t have a virus? lol


Never had ads on this phone before (for this site)

Also brave works now


Ah… Looked at my adsense… I used the latest code and it was doing some sort of auto ads. Nope… killed it.


testing videos


I’ve been using Firefox Focus on mobile and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ad outside of YouTube.

Although I don’t think it’s able to load some of the scripts ads use anyways.


Obligatory forum update post.


oh hi


Ah so that is what the midnight dojo site is for


is that the game?


pretty sure, the swordslinger, dont know about the other two