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The Tavern







and its broken, of course






Seems like since the migration, embedded links are working now…?



Well they’re working but they’re super tiny lol


Test Test

YAAAAAAY! Embedded YouTubes is back.


Hell yeah. I never had the ubuntu server password… but I do now. So, no relying on anyone anymore. I’ll keep it going. Let me know if there are any bugs.


Great to see things finally running as intended! This place felt a little half baked for awhile, but I’m really liking the changes.


Something Small, the Kremath banner still points to forum.crit.tv



nice catch. thanks… and fixed.


Have not been here in awhile. What is going on around here?


the background is purple now


What’s a good service for embedded images? I tried Imgur, but even using the embed link it just posts a link to my album.


When I get back from computex I’ll build an album feature here so you can just add a bunch of images… I’ll use Amazon s3 to make sure it’s fast.


Hey, we’re not so clunky now.

That Lian Li case @ShakeHandsWithDanger et al. shipped me a while ago is still a work in progress. Currently has less aluminum than when it started, but also more fans. Specifically it’s up to 11 case fans in total. it’s almost there, just need the motivation to fix some manufacturing questions and slap it all back together.


Got any pictures?


I made some holes in the bottom plate to accommodate more fans. Brings the total number of case fan spots to 11.

Then I got some matching Scythe fans for relatively cheap. Only required some snipping and soldering to remove the built-in voltage regulators and become PWM compatible without extra wires.

And I just got a Scythe Fuma RevB the other day to add more Scythe to the mix. Also really cheap for a dual tower CPU cooler.