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I dont see it as unreasonable. I’d also say can’t wait for logan or justin to se all of this but logan hasnt logged in for 3 days and justing been offline for almost 2 months.



trying to defer the conversation to something else now



I’m not agreeing with or denying the post


lmao, you haven’t said a word to me in months, you haven’t used your other forum account in just as long. It’s honestly laughable that you would be criticizing other people’s behavior, if you hadn’t nuked your other account and I had as much time to waste going through your old posts it would show your own abhorrent behavior.


Account strikes are hardly an indication of ones behavior on a forum, the moment you nuked your other account you came here to trash talk among the same user base is laughable now you’re accusing me of harassment and slander.

sounds good to me but don’t expect me to look the other way when you act like you :wink:


see you around bby :kissing_heart:





I will never deny that I am a weeb, but even I find people actually lusting for a 2D waifu a bit very weird/cringey.



I’ve never soldered before but have been wanting to do it, but could never find anything that was very interesting to me to work on. I’ve been wanting a Planck for a long time, so today I ordered a Planck with aluminum hi-pro case, 50 MX Browns, Quartz PBT keycap set from PimpMyKeyboard, and a cheap (but well-reviewed) soldering iron set, and a few other things that have been on my wishlist for a while.

Amazon has spoiled me. The stuff from PMK shouldn’t take long to get here, but I’m dreading waiting the 3 weeks for the Planck to ship.


very cool, be sure to keep the tip of you iron tinned and flux always helps.


Is there a Tek Syndicate discord?


Yes, it is linked in the video descriptions.




I wish video previews would load :confounded:


shill get out reeeeee


but its a good place


Vortex Race 3 keyboards back in stock, for the mech lovers out there.

I saw the story in my Facebook feed, but it was for another site. Checked Amazon, and they’re there too. I meant to order one the last batch they put out, but I hesitated and then by the time I decided they were sold out. Made sure to scoop one up right away this time.


Here is the latest from my little YouTube show for anyone interested.
This week’s topic is the Fortnite Craze