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18 day streak of inactivity ruined






Finally got around to wiring up a cart yesterday. It’s not super tidy, but the cable management isn’t great so it’t not really possible. The cables were used from another cart, so they have little bend in them already from the tracks on the old cart, but I got them all facing the same direction :slight_smile:



These are always neat. Work related, I’m guessing?


Yep. We’ve rolled out an iPad for every student in 4th grade and up. We had a ton of iPad 2’s at the office since they’re no longer being used as 1:1 (each student in 4th grade and up gets their own iPad), so we gave most of them out to the schools for K-3rd and kept some extras for when they break them and stuff.

At this school, the principal wanted 3rd grade to have all the MacBook Airs since state testing is 3rd grade and up and there aren’t enough iPads for each student in 3rd. So they didn’t get any additional iPad 2’s (only K-2nd did) because the principal decided they’ll get MBA’s instead. They have three 3rd grade rooms, but only had two carts with 34 MBA’s in each, so the third room would have to borrow from the other two. So they got a new cart and I took 11 and 12 out of the older carts to make 23 in the new cart. Now all 3rd grade rooms have their own cart to store and charge them in their rooms instead of having to send students over to borrow from other carts.

I like the MBA setup much more than iPads, personally. Buuuut there’s positives and negatives to both (price being the biggest factor), and the MBA’s wouldn’t work for the current leadership’s plan, so iPads it is.




Hopefully this means GPU prices will go back down (assuming people stop buying so many).

I’m curious to see how this will play out in other countries. It can still hold value as long as people believe it’s worth something and are willing to accept it as payment, but I’m thinking most people will give up on it.

If the value drops, wouldn’t this be the best time to get into it though (assuming it sticks around)?







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