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How did you overclock a xeon?


Anything on X58 is overclockable. Also a couple of the other old gen Xeons.
LGA 2011 and newer are locked.
Well mostly.


BLCK, and upping the the voltage.
x58 in nice for that. also P55 can do that as well


Anyone watch season 4 of Black Mirror yet?


Netflix subscription lapsed. Will start watching once I have bought a car. Bit tight on money atm


The more I look at the Lian Li case the more I want to put a custom loop in it.

It could even have dual loops with almost no extra effort…


Two things - did TS get a new logo? :blush:

Second: Wat you think? Just a rough guestimation?


probably around $900-1000 (maybe a bit more) would be a rough guess for a 3770k/1070 based system like that


I just reinstalled Fedora on my desktop in wake of some little issues that I’ve been having with Windows 10 and being too lazy to fix them, and I was really surprised by how insanely easy it was to set up.

First, the Fedora media writer downloads the ISO for you (not that it’s that difficult to begin with, but it was nice only having to download the 22 MB writer from their website, select which device to write to, and have it do the rest of the work). I think pendrive used to do this as well, but it didn’t always work.

Second, and this is the most surprising part, is I did not have to do nomodeset just to boot into the live image. I have a GTX 970 and so far EVERY distro that I have tried (even previous versions of Fedora) have had GPU driver issues and I’ve had to do nomodeset to get past them, and then download the proprietary drivers after installation to get everything working properly. I had no issues with the most recent Fedora. I just plugged it in, booted into the live USB, poked around a bit, went through the installer GUI, rebooted, and bam…it booted and worked just like it should.

Third, setting up my screen layout and primary display was super easy, and both of my audio devices worked flawlessly without having to tweak anything. I was especially pleased to find that my Plantronics RIG 800HS works perfectly in Linux. Neither of these things are usually difficult to get working, but I found that the UI in Fedora was more intuitive and simple than in other distros that I’ve used recently.

I don’t expect anyone to be as excited about this as I am, and I know none of this is very in-depth stuff, but I was really surprised at how easy everything was. It seemed like any little speed bumps that I usually run into when installing a Linux distro and getting everything set up afterward were just gone.


Yep Fedora has come along way since is started using it back when it was called Fedora Core. and having to install if from 3 - 4 CDs

I always remember having issues with fedora 15 and 16 on my laptop, when i installed the ATi Drivers, after an Kernel update it would just break and say no Monitors attached.

But have been surprised with the GPU performance Since using 22 not having to install the proprietary drivers.
The amount of games that now support Linux in Steam, is now quite good.


Ya, there’s all the classics like the Valve games, and even a decent selection of newer games work out of the box.

League of Legends was extremely easy to set up using Lutris. Really the only extra step was you have to go to the Lutris website to get the game instead of downloading it directly in the client like Steam. But I suppose you could equate that to having to go to the LoL website, or the Steam store in order to download the game. The rest was just clicking “I agree” and “Next” a few times, just like installing a program in Windows. I’m curious to see what else I can get working with minimal effort.

The only other thing I can think of that might cause me to switch back is photo editing. I know there’s Darktable for Linux, but I want the cloud functionality that Lightroom offers. I’m going to try to migrate over to Snapseed and see if I can use that instead, and save a lot of money that way too. If they had a web app for it I would be able to switch over no doubt, but as far as I’m aware they only have a mobile app. I actually like editing on the Lightroom mobile app and Snapseed, but I’m worried about file management as I start adding in a lot of photos, because lots of files on a tiny screen doesn’t work. If it has Google Photos integration then I could manage it all from any browser, which would be awesome.


Not yet. I am apprehensive since apparently they introduced an overarching story to connect the episodes. Not sure how I feel about that.


I don’t know what Logan’s name is today but mine is …





Quality post



I love this bloke’s Youtube channel (I’m looking into Arduino controllers for a dust-collection system)




Wasn’t sure where else to put this but will this design ever be reprinted? I still have mine from 4 years ago, just curious.