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Started up CrossCode again.

It’s pretty great.



Bourdain. The dude is clean!


I hate the day after the Patches have been deployed.
having to figure out why patches haven’t been applied


Home, rough day, time to veg out and sleep.




I love it when that happens.


I think it’s important to call out false claims and hysteria caused by the media, regardless of how much someone dislikes the person that the media is going against.

It’s important for us to be able to tell the difference between what is realistic and what is being blown out of proportion, and in some cases just flat-out false.

If that means defending Trump on a specific issue in the process, then I will defend Trump on a specific issue. Just don’t assume that means I like Trump in general. (not speaking to you specifically, just in general)

Just to be clear, I’m not implying that the following is what you believe, I’m just saying why I would defend Trump: If everyone went by the logic that you can’t defend a person because that person has said some stupid stuff or done some stupid things, or is just a giant asshole, the media wins. They would be free to push whatever agenda they wanted without question. And in turn, their political allies go unchecked as well.




When trump does something good you praise him. when trump does something bad people give him shit for it. then there is the #MAGA crowd. who just like Trump cause he pisses off Democrats which is basically more than half of /pol. and it’s kind of funny to watch when he does.

though it’s in-arguable in this point but the mainstream media does have a bias against trump whether you like him or not and they clearly show it. if everyone is telling you trump is bad someone is lying… and if everyone is telling your trump is good, someone is lying too. also being an independent means nothing. it’s just an official way of saying I don’t trust both parties. but in reality you do eventually trust one cause a lot of Independence candidates don’t really make it in office and then you vote for the lesser of two evils.

There is a good chance if Trump loses the house he will most likely get impeached.


I kinda wat to get this

and see how bad/good it it.
Requires 15 Amps under full load. Which our 10amp sockets in nz would happy supply with out burning house down.
as the only Diff between 10 and 15amp sockets is the size earth pin.


If these were real I’d have a couple hundred dollars of champagne just sitting on my desk at work.


That is beautiful…


It Lives. I only use the Best water cooling Parts

X5680 clocked @4.3 Ghz


So this is a thing.

Ryzen laptop for $575 at Best Buy right now.



I forgot how annoying the first gym in Pokemon Yellow is…


It’s so unnecessarily frustrating.


And then you get to the second gym and can just crush Misty without a problem.


Bad side of free health care. Take so long to get surgery. Still waiting after 6 months. Fml


Merry Christmas!