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The Tavern


God dam. Has this also become another soap box for you to stand upon and complain?


Just sick of your American bullshit, Merican scum


darn fruit people


Least we are smart and we have no issues with others


Mario Batali now too? I think it’d just be easier to publish a list of celebrities that aren’t involved in shit at this point.

  1. Weird Al
  2. Umm… uhhh…
  3. Weird Al again, I guess
  4. The dog from Wishbone


Also Dave the SeaGull




I’ve been wanting to mess with a cypto currency. Not going to mess with bitcoin but LTC is looking good. Just need to take some time to learn about it and see how I can get involved.

I have an R9 390X I could possibly use.

Also Logan, have you seen the trailer for a game being distributed by Blood Music?

Music is pretty good and I’m curious to see more.


that looks awesome. I want to know more about the “seven-headed dragon with chainguns in his claws” that they mentioned.


Yeah, sadly we have a bit of a wait. 2019.


So is there a forum/site upgrade planned? The delay for notifications is pretty ridiculous.

Do you guys need help?


i’ve actually been getting them very on time recently, like as of today and yesterday recently


Last one for me was from Soulfallen which was a few days ago.


Yeah we’re working on it, along with like 5000 other things at the same time.


I’m sorry that I find Americans going on and on about American bullshit while there is magnitudes more important and interesting topics to discuss to be annoying. But hey, if you want an echo chamber to bloat your already entitled ego, please continue.


Look someone not in america that thinks things outside america are more important

really groundbreaking stuff right here


Did I say that. Or is that what you want to believe? That everyone is jealous of your nation. Everyone’s lives revolves are your nation. Everyone wants to be you. Everyone wishes to live in America. Get a life.

Move out of your parents basement. Do something constructive. Stop spending your life arguing with people on the internet because they have values different from you.


what are you doing right now, right here.

as for the rest of your post

I did 3 months ago

I have one, get a better gotcha phrase.

No, I want non-americans to stop telling americans that things in america shouldnt be important to americans


What I’m doing right now? I’m getting ready to go to the beach with my partner and relax in some nice hot iron sand. But please. Keep feeling like I owe you something


Feel free to start a discussion using one of the aforementioned multitudes of more important and interesting topics. That’d be greatly preferred to this butting of heads. Thanks!