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All I want right now is for this Phenom X4 9950 to go over 3.1GHz… I’ve never had one that could, but there are so many forums posts from yesteryear about how the 9950 can do 3.3GHz on a decent board. :frowning:


I mean, two can play the low blow meme game



Egad, somebody has a different political opinion that you. Oh em gee.


It’s the best part about the internet


edgy memes are the best part imo. That and dark humor.


It’s getting hard to defend Trump and people like Roy Moore… I used to be at least somewhat moderate (I’m independent) but I’m now farther left because I continually try to distance myself from these politicians who have little to no human decency (among other things). I think it is OK to defend conservative ideals while also standing against hateful nonsense. So, if one gets tired of defending pedophiles, racists, and a president who openly makes fun of handicapped people, women, immigrants, etc… you can take a break. We will all understand. It doesn’t mean you have given up on your values. Calling Maddow a man because she doesn’t look like a Barbie… what’s the point there? Does it make Trump any less of a slimeball? I’m not trying to be mean… I don’t think Maddow is all that either… but why defend Trump?


These are same kind of people who say “Well Roy Moore was going after teenagers, so like, that’s not REAL pedophilia. If there’s grass on the field, it shouldn’t count as statutory, right?”

It’s okay to admit you backed the wrong horse. People will respect you more for finding common sense than sticking to whatever reasons keep you thinking all of this is okay.

If the president grabbed your mom by the pussy, would you still be cool with him? (I can’t believe that’s a sentence I even had to write).

If you found out Roy Moore molested your little sister, would he still be a viable candidate for you?

If you answer yes… this is why we’re all fucking doomed. This happens on both sides of the aisle. Neither side is perfect, not by a long shot. But at least when Al Franken was called out on being a scumbag he had the decency to step down rather than try to justify his scumminess to the masses.


Politicians are the mascots of ideas, like all ideas they should be put under the most severe scrutiny.


click the politically engaged tab to see what I see, and just play around with it in general



The amount of loaded questions in this post holy shit.


Politics eats dicks. Lets talk about cool shit like how Mario Batali was just accused of sexual misc…fuck



I think they loaded questions were the point. It’s almost rhetoric because, obviously, nobody is cool with their mom getting assaulted, etc.

I guess the thing is, there are good people on both sides… So why make excuses for the bad ones then elect them?

I’m very, “to each their own.” It’s none of my business unless it someone starts harming others… Then it’s enough of that.

It’s cool that everyone on here can raise points without name calling and such. The community is small but smart on both sides of things.

Anyway, how about that LTC?! I’m actually thinking about using it instead of fiat when making the Zweihänder game… I hope the devs are cool with getting paid that way. I’m pretty sure it’s only taxable when converted to fiat as well since it isn’t regulated yet and it’s not an official currency, but I’ll look that up more.


My dad is asking me how much it would be to set up a mining rig for it, he bought some yesterday

All I have to throw at it right now is a r9 270 I keep on a shelf



Fullscreen mobile ad for FedEx, nice


@Logan ever do any coding projects?


Retro point and click adventure game in a near future cyberpunk setting with awesome music. Game art done by the same animator that did some Perturbator videos.


Guess we are all in a Cult then.


God dam. Has this turned into level1’s political discussion forum? Why do we have to talk about this shit on repeat all the fucking time