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The Tavern


you maybe able to get a new BIOS chip.
and flash it manually. then install it on the card.


Does anyone know if there are plans to change the domain name? Kinda strange considering the channel and site names are Tek Syndicate again but the domain name is still Crit TV.


Yes, the domain will switch over eventually but there are multiple tiny issues and inconveniences barring progress.


Yes… I am waiting for the guy who helped us with docker to get back to me… I’ll bother him again. I’m about to just do it myself, but I don’t want to chance any downtime. Docker isn’t my playground.


Sup folks, just got over a cold. That was fun, now I’m behind a bunch of stuff at home and work.

Time to play catch up again.


Alright, this is getting kinda comical now.

The notification is not just one or two days late, it’s a full 26 days late.

Edit: Discourse, fix yo’self.


I need a drink. What is The Tavern serving up? I dealt with the police about 1 hour or more ago because my son’s crazy bitch stepmom once again wanted confrontation because honestly he doesn’t want to live with her any longer. Also she could have but didn’t press break and enter charges on me despite me using a backdoor she always leaves open but it was to get her stepson meds that he needed that she late into the evening hadn’t brought over. A real piece of work I never should have allowed into my life or my son’s life. I wish I would have been strong and independant instead of looking for someone to lean on. Anyway my son is asleep and wanting certain things out of life but is afraid to ask for them but I am going to help him as best I can by directing him to places for help but letting him speak for himself. If he chickens out and just goes back to involving his mother in his life and lives there on a regular basis to save what sanity I have left I will have to cut ties with yet another family member in a big way. I love my son but I will no longer be put in the middle of this crazy crap that could land me in jail. I already shut out my mom and dad for a good long while now and with my son I’d show up to see a hockey game of his but I could not do anything more with him as he needs to realize the consequences of staying with someone who will not let him be more independant and make choices at the age of 17. Glad the one cop tonight said to him you can do what you want now. Also they told him they could help him get his stuff and it could be brought to wherever he wanted to go.

Soooooooooooooo … yeah I need a stiff drink … or over 9000 of them. Anyone near me that can take me out for drinks this week?


I got home from work, am enjoying a nice cold Stella Artois.


you mean Wife Beater. Thats that what the British (northern) refer to it.


Leaning IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)


Got the headliner out of the jeep, now I gotta wait for the stuff to make it look nicer arrive.

Guess I’ll play Skyrim.


I see. Was just curios about the slight inconsistency, thanks for clearing that up.


Question. LesserSh0e? Is that you?


Feels good programming. Making your own tools to do shit. Really getting into system automation. Reminds me of when I was a kid, Writing little batch scripts to get my games running with all my websites needed to play. But applicable to the industry now.


Morning Tavern, tomorrow is the start of work. Rip.


Mmm, don’t think I’ve ever used LesserSh0e. Just loneshoe, LoneShoe, or lonesh0e. Sorry man, don’t think I’m the shoe you’re looking for.


A week overdue to bottle beer and most of my bottles have phlegm in them. Going to have to wait until the dishes are done before I can throw the bottles in the dishwasher.

I have work tomorrow and I really don’t want to be bottling too late tonight.


Not even Taco Bell? Damn




Beer is bottled and it’s still officially Sunday for another hour and change.