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atiflash -i doesn’t work either so how am I supposed to specify slot number? x_x


can you do atiflash -pcie to list the PCIe adapters


I switched from my G600 after realising I only use some of the buttons. Use more while playing moba and mmo’s. But outside of that, I only ever used the gshift. Decided on the G502 due to its far superior sensor and still having a gshift though pressed by your thumb, not ring ringer. Works well. Accuracy has improved. I don’t think I would have handled my high ppi display upgrade if I didn’t have a good mouse tbh


That’s how I always flashed Nvidia cards. My tool displays all pcie devices, you select the one of the slave devices and flash. Even managed with a plx chip.


I have no issues, flashing my ATI/AMD cards.

Soon the Server card that has been Flashed to a 7970 Ghz ed with have a Cooler on it with the eChepo Waterblock on it.
i know it runs 1170Mhz ( 7950 BIOS) on air. But we see if the 7970 Bios will be more stable with Proper Cooling.


I Think i might wan’t to get one of these

Another Project to start. Prob also want to get Co2 Laser (power supply with adjustable power) + Spindle & Driver and


This only took windows 10 Years to implement an SSH Client into windows


Nothing works i’m gonna need to need to solder on a jumper from pin 1 to pin 8 of the bios to get ATIFlash to ignore the bios and just see the card… problem is I can’t find which pin is which.


Pin one is the one next to the dot on the chip.
Or below the notch

This is the General rule of thumb

I know it not the right chip but it’s a stock image.


I’m trying to find and verify the bios chip via schematic… one of the chips i can’t find a schematic on.


What card is it?


XFX 7950 DD


I think this may be it.


Yeah i think so too i just pinged my boss the number on that chip to be sure…
It’s pm25l0020 btw if you’re curious.


It’s a Pain that it’s not a Dual Bios card.
that def the chip

But Heres some info for AU


Yeee… i’m gonna bring it in to work tomorrow and solder the jumper wire in.


I meant the L1 forums went down the other day.


Something else in addition to the bad flash must have happened to the card… Tried the jumper, It’s dead as dead gets.


Would be nice if notifications would catch up here. Still getting notifications from 2 days ago



Omron switches

Omron switch. Not switches, just one Omron switch in the whole mouse.

YSA for the three side buttons, Omron left click, Huano for right slick, and Boue(?) for scroll.

On another note, I think I fixed the tracking issues I was having with the Standard Issue. Pretty much wrecked the corners of the teflon pads, but at least the tracking isn’t all jittery now.