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The Tavern


Thank heavens.



Also all the free time. So much more time for activities lol


No one holds a gun to your head to stay active within a forum though…

It’s like getting mad at your phone, or video game cause YOU aren’t productive…


I know right? I’m so much more productive these days. Hopefully releasing my first product early next year


When you realize the forum is filled with same people as the one you “left”


We all have accounts here. We just aren’t too active.

The Lvl1 vs Crit / Tek Syndicate thing is irrelevant. And that shit has been over and done with, everyone chose their side and moved on already. But to get mad at the forum or just any forum cause YOU aren’t productive on your personal time is just stupid.


But that doesn’t fit my narrative of victimization…



IDK replace the word forum with alcohol it sounds the same. Some people can’t handle it.


AAAND this is why people leave


I thought it had more to do with people pointing out every piece of hardware you touch dies… :joy:


Haven’t killed anything as of late. Though jokes do get old when they’re on repeat for 3 years


Had to switch back to my Corsair mouse :frowning_face:


Trip to Seattle went well. Got a few GPUs and a stack of laptops, including a slightly older MacBook Pro that I was told “powered on but there’s no RAM in it right now.”

Probably around $1,100 in parts, bit more in working machines. Not too shabby.


I swapped from my G600 to my G700s and I never realized the difference in how they perform. I play a LOT of CS:S and I’m surprised at the difference in the scroll wheels, HOW I grip the mouse, what all buttons I use… Its really kinda fascinating.


@Fouquin Ever force flashed an AMD card? Can’t get this card to flash by conventional means (both in OS and DOS bootable) as the descriptor ID is fubared. Keeps saying it’s not detected in DOS but in windows it’s seen as a “video adapter” listed under software devices…


Mine wasn’t really a choice. Tracking issues aren’t really my cup of tea.


atiflash -f -p 0 romname.rom doesn’t work?


Nope thinks the card isn’t there.


you might need to Specify the slot number