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Aw shucks, better luck next year!


Corporate greed flowing back into the market yet again.

Attempting to force websites to be blocked by ISP’s.

It starts with pirated content because that’s so logical.
But pirates got around it with VPN’s nor ban TOR and ban consumer use of VPN’s.
Fuck it, let’s ban narratives that the government doesn’t support. This news site doesn’t say what we want, block.

Fucking slippery slope and it is all triggered by the American situation. Sky TV being a classic cable company much like Comcast and Verizon. Except without the mobile and broadband network. But matched up with Vodafone NZ, Cable and mobile network ISP which is pushing their whole whitelist internet bullshit which is what American’s are trying to fight.
For example, Video Pass.
Doesn’t support competitives like Lightbox. But of course it supports Vodafone TV, Sky Go (Yay sky NZ partnership) Neon (Again sky) TVNZ (National free streaming site) and Vevo. No google. They do support Netflix but it’s throttled to utter shit and reading through the terms of conditions this “Unlimited” plan requires
Data available, so you need another plan ontop of it,
Does use your data, isn’t packaged with the plan
No available Roaming, fair enough
But fair use policy so not actually unlimited again.
Content is downscaled to SD quality, hope you didn;t want HD, Full HD or UHD…
And signing up means no tethering so if you are like me, you can’t do work on the train anymore with your tethered phone to your laptop unless you buy their expensive portable wifi unit.

Disgusting behaviour by these two companies.


As a Vodafone Customer of over 10 years
Nextfix isn’t throttled on either Cable or Cellular Network (i have both) and the Cable network has been more reliable the the Chorus network (Copper and Fiber)

I went to Fiber but was disappointed, with the constant DNS and connection issues. I also spoke with other colleagues at Datacom and that had experienced the same thing moving from Copper or cable to Fiber and have switched back.

But Sky won’t succeed with this, with there case as there no current law with they can do this under.
DIA (Censorship) do have a means but is the Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System (DCEFS)


This has been a recent development. I was getting 70Mbps+ at my location with vodafone. That’s now not the case.

Vodafone is currently putting through anti competition plans and for me at least are obviously throttling content that they don’t support.
I’m not on one of their BS pass plans but I’m on their Flexi plan. I currently get 1.18 down, 1.89 up. Cant watch Youtube, plex, Lightbox or netflix without buffering issues. Neon works 100% fine though. I’m talking Neon max quality on 1mbit download. That is not feasible.

Remember Vodafone also pushed to block Fibre in locations where their cable network existed. Thankfully they failed there.


No they want other ISP to resale the Cable Network This was before put forward before Vodafone Brought TelstaClear (Clear Net) instead of rolling out the Chours Network where ther was existing Cable. so the Like of Riverstone Terraces would get UFB and people in Silverstream would be on cable, . this was part of the UFB bid.

But the Current cable network is able to do 10G/10G (Full Duplex) so i think we have the better network.

The fiber has only been enabled for 2.45G/s/1.25Gb/s split across 24 customers ( GPON which is what we are using in NZ)

As part of being on a plan you get an SLA, neon is SD anyway and will only do 1mb/s so meh.
on my pre pay in wellington i can get 30 - 40mb/s down and 10+ up. but i only use that phone occasionally.

why don’t you ask Vodafone what is there minimum CIR for Prepay before say they are Throttling Content, also if you are in the CBD they Vodafone Mobile network is heavy congested, Vodafone have admitted that.


I don’t live in the CBD. As I said, it has been tested and now it’s shit.

On geekzone, there are a number of people testing and validating Vodafone is throttling data on their network. Spotify and Soundcloud stuttering and the likes where it didn’t prior.

Also the argument for cable over fibre really misses the major issue of latency and jitter on the cable network. Not that it matters where I am. Still Vodafone falsely advertise cable as fibreX. The cable network is also often oversold and heavily saturated over peak hours. Fibre isn’t. Fibre also only needs end node upgrades to improve performance in the future.

None the less. Vodafone’s network was fine a month ago. Now it’s nearly unusable where I am. This is in an area with low data consumption over the mobile network and their cell tower just 50 meters away.


@Logan, be careful. I would recommend pulling the product. Look for another legal method to distribute without infringing on copyright law


I have 10ms on average, which is the same on fiber unless you live in Auckland.
if i use Wellington server it drops to 2 - 5ms. with is within the same region of fibre as well.

It’s not just the Nodes it’s all the Fiber Splitters (in some cases) and also the ONTs have to be upgraded.

Fiber is being oversubscribed is well as it its going to 1:24 or a 1:48 fiber split per GPON.
With either 8, 12 or 16 GPON modules * 2 , and 2 x 10 GE up links per OLT.

The Benefits with both technology.

Fiber just the OLT & ONT need to be upgraded + back haul.

Cable CTS needs to be upgraded But you can have several versions of docsis so and CLNE upgrade for each customer can be be rolled out over time. if you are finding congestion just ADD another CTS.


They’re pretty up-in-arms about this.

Understandable, as it does go against the license of the software.


This is Super Interesting


It has been taken care of and we changed the products…


FutureMan is fucking great.


holy shit… I have to watch that now.


That moment when crit forums is more reliable than L1…




Several hours offline this morning, was getting lounge withdrawl


I didn’t even realize it. the forum rarely goes down. though there are times when some BS happens cause of a storm and what not and then the servers start running on battery power. kek


Ah… Hope it wasn’t a ddos or some similar nonsense.


Should try quitting. Does wonders for ones mental health.
Always willing to help an addict out


At least it ain’t facebook.