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Emperor of Sand hype
Is it 31 March yet?

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This song is so fucking good and is followed by the horror that is “Show Yourself”. I’m both excited and nervous for this album.

I have high hopes for the album overall. I’m thinking it will follow a storyline like their other albums, so it will sound best as a whole album. For example, I think Crack the Skye is best listened to as a full album rather than song by song.

Either way, it’s Mastodon, they do their thing. No two albums are entirely alike, so who knows what we’re going to get.

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She missed like… 75% of them



All I want is a good ITX board with M.2, 802.11ac, 10GB LAN, Bluetooth, and 4 SATA that can replace the X99. If something like that appears that would be great.


Yeah, I do respect the fact that Mastodon makes music that they want to make rather than what people expect/ want.

@Logan you guys gonna make it to PAX?

Some asshole stole my package today that consisted of a Quick Charge 3.0 battery bank and a USB type C cable…


get cameras, cant trust them gingers

I live in a private apartment building. there is a camera by the mailbox. the problem is the fucking management’s office is closed today. I’m going to have to figure out tomorrow who stole it when they are open…

I’m rarely home I needed that battery bank so badly…

Probably not PAX East. Everyone wants to sponsor Computex rather than PAX. I’m not too wild about Boston either, though I love New England.

1800x is sold out already

@Fouquin saw you in the new video, couldn’t mistake the long hair and beard.


Long hair + beard = 99% chance to be a metal head


True. Bit more on the progressive side though.

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This is #FouquinMetal


Darn was hoping to see the rig our company built in someones coverage of Pax :stuck_out_tongue:

I do heavier stuff than that, though those are great choices.

Symphony X - Fallen

Kamelot - Rule The World

Sonata Arctica - Not Your Fairytale

Serenity - Engraved Within

Okay so that last one wasn’t exceptionally heavy or anything but I’m a sucker for a killer piano arpeggio. Lately I’ve been on a Ben Folds, Matthew Ebel, Yes and Rush kick though. Taking a small break from metal.