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I can never fathom why Hollywood has to ‘re-make’ these movie classics :frowning:

Welp, have six cherry picked job listings to apply to, and like umpteen more that are less than great but are money.

Considering my last job interview was in March 2009 (and I stayed there until this past October), this should be all sorts of fun.

This is going to be good.

It’s a sequel, not a remake. And AFAIK, Villeneuve wants to stick to the book a bit more. Hence Deckard not being a replicant.

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No Worries GabD :slight_smile: Thanks for the update.

A new section or category on Cosplay (design etc) might be handy, as I’ve already initiated one post on the subject.

I know you could insert Cosplay under the ‘gaming’ section, as this overlaps the gaming genre.


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…What is this?


Surprisingly fun

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Ha ha…the narrator is killing me lol :slight_smile:

I’m not a gamer, but to me this doesn’t seem like a bad game (you might convert me to a ‘gamer’ yet lol)

I see on the Ravenfield website there are beta downloads for Windows, and Linux.

Yep, it’s free and cross platform. It’s also just in a .zip, so there isn’t even any installing to do, just unzip and play.

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@hutchison15 if you could rename my account (since apparently I cant) to well…you know…me

that’d be grand <3


Done! :slight_smile:

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Why tho



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Where’s the tinfoil Justin hat png when you need it…

New video is live!


This appeals to my specific interests.

Good shit.

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