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Latest version of my project is up.

As per the norm, Mt. Washington is getting fucked right now.

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We lucked out where I live, it’s currently 8°F with a windchill bringing it to -2°F. Not too bad overall.

I sincerely hope that is Celsius

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After talking to the MCN, looks like all we were left with was re-uploading the video. Sorry to spam your feed if you did indeed get it yesterday. More info:

Nope, it’s all in Fahrenheit.

A little nipply nippy out.

you have my condolences

We have to cover the windows in my bedroom with plastic sheeting during the winter because they are so drafty. So drafty that there is frost forming around the seams of the windows and on the plastic sheeting.

it’s -25 celcius here

Which cpu would you keep? I currently have in hands a i5 2500k and my board allows me to overclock it to around 4.1, and I also have a i5 3470. I want to sell 1 of them. I don’t plan on going SLI so pci e 3.0 shouldn’t be a factor in my decision making I think


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If you can have a stable OC to 4.0GHz, I’d say keep the 2500k… Personally?

the difference between them is meh? so probably keep the one that can overclock just because it can overclock and if you get a nicer mobo or cooler at some point then the overclocking one will be able to go even farther so better perf. that way

While flipping through the categories I saw “grub” and instantly thought it was referring to the grub bootloader kek


Soloing the Invincible Empyrean Sentinel in Borderlands: TPS and beating it first try

RIP PSU. 2016-12-18 15:26

I bought this in 2013. It’s sad. I went online on the CM website and it’s still on warranty so YAY! Meanwhile the RMA I bought this and will sell the CM replacement:

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We need a Science and academia section for science-y stuff.

Sortilège is one of the great contributions of Québec to the world of alcoholic beverages. You should also try a bottle of Caribou if you get the chance.

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