The Tavern

love this game… even if I still have no idea whats going on

well all their games are good tbh

these guys

I find them useful as far as metal goes. They’re really specific and all unique. Told a co-worker that folk metal is a thing today and blew his mind

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Arcadia National Bar

It’s a bar. With arcade games.

Someday I will go.

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There are a few near me, well as close as anything is from me right now. Only one of them looks really good the other one is just a Street fighter deal I think.

I know portland has a few good ones, but a little to far.

If I lived close enough to get an uber after I would.

Should post it here

Completely forgot that thread existed.

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me too tell you posted that haha

if true… I may go again

How did I miss this?

Also works on Linux…

even has Dune 2000, if only had Tiberian sun… Oh well looks awesome!

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very true tbh

think he gets off in the weeds a bit but the core message is solid

@Kat well today I was borderline called racist by Zoltan for making a joke. So nothing new today lol.


what could have been…

@MFZuul is it just you hear keeping this place alive?

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@SoulFallen jumps in too, but ya pretty much dead

I just post videos cuz no one is talking lol

@SoulFallen just shows his epeen and pretty witcher pictures mostly

oh and @w.meri comes around now and then

Sounds about right. I’m waiting for more people to show up but it’s not really happening…

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I pop in randomly, same with @kewldude007 and a couple others

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