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The Tavern


You should know what this is.

Taking suggestions for a better name. Tag me in your suggestion posts.
Will make a poll just before PGP stream starts.
That’s your deadline, people.

PGP stream time I can’t be bothered to find myself it’s somewhere here


  • The Shitshow
  • The Tavern
  • The Pub
  • Crit Posting
  • The Barcade
  • The Critter Hole

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Poll closed. Tavern it is.
Poll reopened because curiosity.

It is Friday

I don’t think we’re going to call it Lounge, if we do anything like this it’ll be under a new name.

Not sure what to call it though, hmph.


People who watch Crit TV = “Critters”?
Obvious step from there: “The Critter Hole”.


go back to the roots and call it Raze The Cafe


Every post guaranteed to be worse than bad coffee.




INB4 shitposting






get out of my thread your meme was pitiful


well, now that its changed to the critter hole ( which is an awesome name btw ) I won’t shitpost


Video going live in a minute… someone needs to make a gif of Justin in it soon. You will know what I’m talking about…


If you think that was a shitpost you don’t know what shitposting is
It’s an art I’ll have you know


That’s crit or miss…


No I won’t


You’re probably right. I’m not very familiar tbh



It is most certainly, and many different styles, degrees…it is art.


… we are NOT calling this the Critter Hole… lol. I’ll leave it this time.