The Problem With Politics

After observing the world these last few weeks I have noticed that both sides seem to have a goal thats at a deadlock with the other side not mutually agreeing. I want to understand why people get into this mindset. Maby it will help me understand humans in a deeper way. For this discussion this assume everybody here is not on a extreme side. Assume we are all moderates or decent people. I am mostly interested in Logans opinion because it will help focus things.

@Logan I want your opinion on the Nazi/Confederacy thing that went down. From what it appears to me is there is a drama about to include antifa into the discussion about it. Center right people do not say the Nazis were not at fault but they also say that antifa was at fault as well. Center left says Nazis were all to blame. The only difference I can observe is antifa. I was wondering if I could get your opinion?


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I don’t see why people get so mad over politics, I see it as a part of every day convertation and could talk about it for hours, and the whole Charlottesville thing was a giant mess and I’ve recently delt with some people on the left on with a discord twitter post were I told a guy to stop calling people nazis because I thought he was talking about people on the right like with jontron a while back but people thought I was talking about the alt right or nazis which makes no sense to me because if they use common sense or look at my replies to other people they should see oh he’s obviously not a nazi.

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Well, the first thing to be noticed by observation is that there aren’t just two sides.

The second thing is that it’s really weird to see some people insist on looking for an ethical middle-ground between being racist and not-being-racist. Like, being racist with moderation or something.

It’s also not really a sides thing. Anyone who has done basic research on the sociology of racism knows that everyone can perform racism.

Racism is something that people do, not something that people are (this consensus among social scientists is also due to the biological fact that races don’t exist in the human species : racialisation is when people act as if races were a thing, but that does not suddenly make races exist out of nowhere.)

Edit : I’m going on about racism here because this whole mess (and many others) is due to most people not knowing shit about this stuff and never doing any scientific research before feeling entitled to having an opinion on it.

Politics is subject to science, like everything else.

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