The Expanse is some of the best hard-sci-fi ever made

And the novels got a tv adaptation :


I haven’t read the novel series, but the books look like they might be an interesting read.

It is, though you have to wait till after the first book for some of the most memorable characters to show up.

The books also dig more into the mundane aspects of space travel.

And some characters have differnt backstories because the originals simply wouldn’t work on camera. Mostly for the better.

The sad thing is they had to drastically tone down Avasarala’s swearing.


Thanks for the info GabD :slight_smile:

I tried reading the first one but for some reason I didn’t like the writing style and ended up putting it on the shelf. I would like to give it another go after I’m done my current book

I grabbed the books but haven’t checked them out. What didn’t you like about it?

I had a similar experience with Snow Crash. I couldn’t get through the first bits of the book. It was just too edge-lord cheesy.

I just found the way he wrote could have been at a higher level. At the time I started I had just finished game of thrones, so I may have been a little harsh at the time.

The other thing I would is that he just throws you into the story without any explanation as to what’s going on, were and why. So you have to keep trudging through the book until it’s explained.

For others these might not be negative points at all. But I like I higher level of writing and a slower build up so when your reading your not thinking “wtf”

They are actually a duo of writers. “James S.A. Corey” is their pen name; because it sounded “like the crusty old science-fiction author from the 70s who shows up at book conventions, sits at the bar, drinks whiskey and talks about how much publishing has fallen appart in the last 30 years. He’s kind of a jerk.” (source)

It’s funny cause they both worked with George R.R. Martin prior to that.

Ty Franck was GRRM’s assistant and Daniel Abraham co-wrote novels with him. Franck build the PC on which A Song of Ice and Fire is currently being written. And the main world-building they did for The Expanse was part of an RPG campaign they played with GRRM.

Their writing process is deliberately the polar opposite of how Martin works.

And it shows. The Expanse is mainly about some blue-collar crewmen of a water-ice hauler who suddenly find themselves in deep shit and waaay over their heads. The POV characters aren’t just going to walk the reader through learning about the state of the world. It’s something the readers have to piece together by themselves.
They’re not the children of a noble house who are conveniently just being taught by a maester about who’s who in Westeros.

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Ya I will give it another go. I just didn’t give it enough time to appreciate it. In fairn as to myself between work and kids it’s hard to read anyways so if a book doesn’t grab me I drop it. But this has been something I’ve wanted to read still


I was like that with Harry Potter. I tried to start with the first one after reading the first three Song of Ice and Fire books. So, I couldn’t get into it. I might give this a try on audiobook. If it isn’t too complex I can handle it while driving and such. Also, I love being able to put it at 120% speed and go.

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