The daunting task

I find myself sitting in a familiar kitchen, in front of my trusty laptop. At a time where making a cup of coffee and having another shot is only separated by the level of warmth it will provide. The quest to find the most functional and audibly pleasing gaming headset in this vast web of the worlds.

The journey can begin with the simple click of a button or prolonged by lingering doubts and hesitation like a predator stalking its prey. I quickly pounce on the mouse, drag it across the screen and click new tab.

Snow blinded by a white canvas my hands move steady to hasten time with a chant.
(Fn sundown, Fn sundown, Fn sundown)
A vision is seen the amazon approaches. Upon arrival a crier is heard proclaiming newly pass deals and sales. I swiftly maneuver thru the adverts and state I am searching for PC Gaming Headsets. An answer is returned. You must travel to the land of electronics, there you may find what you are seeking.

TBC… research purposes.

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Step 1 in buying a gaming headset: Don’t buy a gaming headset

Seriously though, buying a decent pair of headphones and something like the Antlion ModMic or VMODA BoomPro will sound better 98% of the time.

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or just get a HyperX Cloud? Those things rock.

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I am not really digging the whole added mic to headphones. The voice quality from those added mics sounds amazing.

Currently weening down the list… Most on my second look list were released no more than 4 years ago. or newer.

Well as the ModMic guy (Disclaimer: I work for ModMic) - I won’t try to push our own product on you… but won’t stop you from pushing our product on others. :smiley:

That said, if you’re taking your first foray into enthusiast / professional audio you should try to understand what kind of “sound” you like. Also you need to decide if you want open or closed back headphones. Open = wider sound stage but you hear everything in the room. Closed = the opposite.

Depending on where you live this can be easy or impossible. Cities have stores where you can try on a lot of headphones, but if you live in BFE like me I’d have to drive hours to do so.

Once you know what kind of sound you like picking your favorite headphones in your price range becomes easy.

Common headphone choices to pair with the ModMic are:

DT990 or DT770
ATH M40 or M50x
Sennheiser HD 598 or 558
AKG 700 series
Superlux 668

Those run between 40-150 in price or so. For the Superlux you’ll want to replace the earpads imo. I personally also find the M40/M50 uncomfortable for long term wear due to how tight they clamp (but they have excellent noise isolation). Beredynamics DT line is super comfortable but has extreme treble and strong bass, which is unpleasant for some and AMAZING for others (depends on what kind of sound you like). 558/598 is more mild and warm but also super comfy for long term wear.

Regardless of what you buy, I highly reccomend picking up at least a USB DAC as well, which costs about 7-10 dollars extra. This will help clear up your signal for both the mic and the headphones and isolate them somewhat from your PC’s “dirty power.”

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