The Best Way to Dual Boot Linux and Windows: Full Tutorial

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I did this about 10 years ago with 2 hard drives, but both were connected while installing, and they didn’t interfere with each other.

I did it with both installed as well, plus other internal drives. But if you wanna be really cautious, doing it separately will eliminate user error.

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Thanks! I have ubuntu installed on many deviced but never on my main pc sicne I use adobe software and am now building my ecommerce with wordpress. Yes thanks to your advice, I stayed on wordpress and I am almost finished building it.

Is there a way to build your website on both windows and linux and like copy paste a folder or something so that If I need to use windows to build up a certain part because I am using illustrator or some other software I can then continue building it on my linux drive some time later?

Linux should be able to see NTFS drives, so that is an option. I’d probably use external media for this though.

God bless you Logan for putting this video up as I was trying to explain on another site that this was dumb proof and would be perfect for someone asking about dual booting these operating systems. Hell I should do this sometime so I can be reminded once again how much I don’t like Linux.